Tuesday, 26 September 2017


“I am as penniless as you are and I am the company’s general manager. See, it is my aunt that takes care of my wife and children. My sister who lives abroad sends clothes to me. I do not buy clothes.” ~ A General Manager of an auto care firm

Hmmm!!! The above statement was made by the general manager of a phony auto firm located in Mushin area of Lagos. He became a general manager after serving the company for some years as a gateman. Imagine that quantum leap! He made the above assertion when a much younger colleague was complaining to him that he was broke.

Folks, imagine a general manager of a company who cannot take care of his nuclear family and he is not ashamed of saying it. Perhaps, his boss’s juju has beclouded his sense of reasoning. One begins to wonder the essence of getting a job. Is getting a job not to help the organization that employed you to achieve her goals and in return get paid good amount of money that is able to solve your financial problems? What is this country turning into?

Why will he not be penniless when his boss cannot even pay him the peanut he promised to be paying at the end of every month? His diabolic semi-illiterate boss uses another calendar which is quite different from the one everyone is using. In that demonic organization, month ends as from the 20th day of the following month and salaries are being paid in piecemeal. The earlier the general manager resigns and does something worthwhile, the better for him.

A lot of workers in the organization are not paid salary and the semi-illiterate CEO, who sleeps with his female workers to renew his juju, is dreaming of making the company a multinational one. It is impossible and no amount of juju can achieve that. Let him use the money he would have spent in his juju and pay his innumerable erstwhile workers he still owes.