Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Peace Anyiam-Osigwe
Late Nze Michael Anyiam-Osigwe
Today, November 29, 2017, makes it exactly three years that armed robbers shot and killed Peace Anyiam-Osigwe’s elder brother, Nze Michael Anyiam-Osigwe, along Benin-Ore road when he, along with his brothers, was traveling to Imo State. Consequently, the Chief Executive Office of Africa Movie Academy Awards took to social media to express her feelings.

She wrote: “There are things that break you but mold you at the same time, losing my brother, Micheal, broke me. He was something special, not just because he was my brother but he was also a major support mechanism for the Africa Movie Academy Awards. I had been ill and Micheal took over to run AMAA, but he made sure I was back on my feet. He fought me to abide with the diet to regain my health. Then, some idiot wasted bullets on him, but what failed Michael was the Nigeria he loved so much. No medical emergency Centre on the Benin-Ore Road, Medical Ambulance on that road, the telco's kept off an off network, after the incident locating my brothers was a Nightmare best envisaged.

“We had to have international assistance to locate my brothers not knowing how bad it really was. Nwanne di na mba in our confusion we reached out they used satellite to track the location of the car and deployed all that they could but no Medical Centre was prepared for that kind of emergency on that road. Guitar Boy bled his way into God's Arms. I held on to my faith even as my eldest brother called me, my brothers know me to be a warrior of the CHI of the Universe, MCAO was my Warrior partner nothing is beyond the CHI, but alas Dads words haunt. Man cannot blame God for things that man has the ability to change.”

The University of Oxford-trained lawyer extolled the virtues of his late elder brother. According to her, “With all that has been on going in the last three years, I know a lot would have been different MCAO made people reason, he captured you with Logical intelligence. Micheal Anyiam-Osigwe "Igwe " Enyinnaya, Onyeoma, adorable brother, heartbeat of the EO kids on the beat. We Miss you soooooo much it's unreal, I haven't come to terms with it neither have your brothers or Mama or anyone for that matter. If Nigeria was the country you wanted it to be maybe just maybe you would be here. As they brought you back home to Lagos we waited. I waited Mickey I waited repeating all our words to each other, I held you I pinched your bad Arm as I always do when I want your attention ,wanting you to shout at me and say stop like you would normally. MCAO'S body was gone but his soul and personality lives. .29/11/2014 was the night that broke my "jugad "spirit. Africa must be a better place. Nigeria must become a country for us to be proud of this was part of the mission in espousing the Philosophy of the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation. The Holistic approach to human existence that our father founded. We continue the job MCAO but it just is not easy doing it without you! May the CHI of the Universe continue to keep you in the path. Rest, Michael Anyiam-Osigwe, in perfect Peace.”

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