Saturday 23 July 2016


Folks, it is a truism that creating and growing a Facebook Group is a great way to extend the reach of your customer base, get new customers and build relationships for business. We, at Tectono Business Review, have created and grown innumerable Facebook groups for our clients. This write-up is aimed at elucidating to you reasons to create and grow a Facebook Group. Actually, growing a Facebook group implies making it very attractive for thousands of would-be customers to join it and adding your Facebook friends to the group. Below are the benefits of having a Facebook group that has thousands of members.

Mentoring Opportunities
With Facebook group at your disposal, you have an opportunity to mentor others. People want to feel like they are experts and help others with the information that they have and that others need. By using Facebook Groups to provide helpful tips and insight that many within your field of business are seeking, you establish yourself as a credible source.

Business Networking
Build a business community with Facebook Groups as it unites your potential clients, current clients, and fan base under the common thread of your business or common subject matter. Networking opportunities can abound among those in the group that may have not otherwise been connected. Your business is a common ‘like, know and trust’ factor and it can help solidify relationships for all involved.

Team Development or Leadership Use
Businesses, large and small, can utilize the ease of a Facebook Group to streamline projects, communications, trainings and more. Due to the familiarity of Facebook to so many, it is often found that the Facebook Groups can be even more productive than sending the information via e-mail.

Social Sharing
Small business owners and entrepreneurs work tirelessly to use social media smarter to grow their brands. By creating and growing a Facebook Group that has opportunity to post new blog posts, or links to various social media platforms, everyone is able to support one another in a community that shares that common interest to grow via giving likes, shares, retweets, endorsements, etc.. We all love those opportunities, right?

Private Premium Memberships
If you have a service or product that is sold on your website, a private ‘exclusive’ membership to a Facebook Group is a nice extra perk to offer your paying customers. This is a place where you can share information ‘first’ before you tell others, share pre-order opportunities, and continue to build that base of raving fans for your business.

Round the Clock Marketing through Suggested Groups
As seen here in this photo, you can notice members in a given group are given suggested groups by Facebook based on their interests and their friends’ interests.

Customer Service Hub
A Facebook Group allows you to support customers in the things they are working on via your business. Especially if they are pleased with your product/service, they will invite more people to your group. This allows them to help naturally foster the transparency of your company. You can share when you are working on resolutions on issues and the ability to answer quickly and candidly to questions lets everyone know that you are there for them and working on a resolution. It gives that ‘exclusive club’ feel.

Community of Loyal Fans
Facebook Groups are home to ambassadors and raving fans of your business. They are the ones that respond to every post you publish. When you have a new blog post, they share it, retweet it and shout from the roof tops. This atmosphere helps spreads positive vibes about your business. Here is also where you can thank these members for helping you grow your business, answer their questions and cultivate their loyalty to your business.

Visibility of All Posts to All Members
With the ever-changing Facebook algorithm that determines what is placed in people’s newsfeed, it is exciting to know that when you are in a Facebook Group, each post is visible to all members of that group. This can be especially helpful if you fear your posts aren’t getting the exposure they deserve on your business Facebook page. Note that is your posts are not getting enough exposure on your Facebook Fan Page, try a Facebook Group!

Group Based on an Upcoming Event
Build a Facebook Group community around an upcoming event. As people RSVP, people can be invited to join the group. The group helps create a more personal level of connections among members around the world before the actual event. This can help people that finally meet in real life feel their connection is deeper and launch stronger business relationships.

In U.S., Kim Garst’s social selling conference had a Facebook Group open only to the speakers and the leadership of the event making it really simple to engage and have a streamlined message prior to the event.

If you are in business and do not have a Facebook group, you do not have to worry owing to the fact that we will create one for you and grow it to have thousands of rich members. We are connected to the elites which include business tycoons, top politicians, heads of federal parastatals, CEOs and top managers of blue-chip companies, on Facebook. We will just add them to your Facebook group. It is very simple. These elites have the capacity, capability, willingness and the financial wherewithal to pay for products or services you advertise on your Facebook group.

How do you get started?
It is very simple. We charge N1 for every rich person we add to your Facebook group. This implies that for us to add 5,000 rich people to your Facebook group, you pay us the sum of N5,000. If you want us to add 10,000 rich people to your Facebook group, you pay us the sum of N10,000 and it continues that way. If you want us to create a Facebook group and add rich people to it, you pay additional N1,000.

How will you pay?
You pay according to the number of rich people you wants us to add to your Facebook group, as explained above, into our company’s account details below:

Account Name
Tectono Ventures Limited
Account Number
Sort Code

After payment, send us your deposit slip number together with the name or URL of your Facebook group via 08067876251. After confirmation of payment, we will start adding rich members to your group. If you want us to create a group for you, after payment, text us your deposit teller number together with the proposed name of your Facebook group.

As we look forward to hearing from you, we assure you that you will have a very good value for your money.

08067876251, +2348067876251
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