Sunday, 17 February 2019


By Mazi Omife I. Omife
All things being equal, my vote should go to Peter Obi, come rain or shine. Here is Agulu, Peter Obi’s home town, a walk through to Mbaukwu, my home. So we are neighbours, and good ones at that. Peter Obi’s sister is married to my relation in Mbaukwu, so we are in-laws. But 12 major reasons are hindering me from making up my mind about voting for Peter Obi, viz:

1. How can I vote for Peter Obi who, as Governor, would not chop government money and would not allow others to chop. Is government money his personal money? Then, what is the essence of having Peter Obi as my vice president?

2. How can I vote for Peter Obi who, for all his business success and after several years as politician and governor does not have a decent house in his village up till today, and not that he has become poorer. Is he trying to teach others not to build houses in their villages when they have such a golden opportunity? After all, the Igbo adage recognizes “Akuluono” while the English say charity begins at home.

3. How can I vote for Peter Obi, who, as wealthy as he was before he entered into politics and after, would not launch his own children into big positions in government or business or let them, even as students, enjoy the pride of having a wealthy father, by way of buying cars for them and other luxuries of a rich parentage and instead, insist on their struggling to make their own money. In that case, I wouldn’t allow my children to be friends with his own children, as there would be nothing to gain from such children who cannot get anything from their wealthy father.

4. How can I vote for Peter Obi who would does not understand the saying that virtue stands in the middle and prefers to be humble to a fault by allowing Rev. Fr. Mbaka to stand him in public glare and insult him like a puppet while Peter Obi stood there smiling and saying some inaudible things without firing back?. Yet the law of Moses preaches tit for tat. After all, his Kaduna counterpart, El-Rufai allegedly went ahead to burn down the properties of his opponents, just to pay them in their own coin. Isn’t this how to be a man and not a woman?

5. How can I vote for Peter Obi who went to a church bazaar without carrying bags of naira for public donation to “God” like his colleagues do, and instead relying on the bible that says that when giving to charity, the right hand should not know what the left hand is doing?.

6. How can I vote for Peter Obi who, as governor, would not let the world know that he is an executive governor and each time he is travelling abroad, prefers to fly the economy class, just to save money for the government when his fellow governors and even pastors across the country are buying private jets?

7. How can I vote for Peter Obi who, as governor, would not attend his village meeting with sirens or allow himself to be noticed or accept to be called to the high table, but instead would quietly go to the last row of seats, to sit with filthy and sick villagers, thereby localizing the office and dignity of the office of Governor?

8. How can I vote for Peter Obi who, as governor, would travel to official meetings at Abuja or abroad with one or two officials at the most, just to save money for government, when his counterparts attend functions with hundreds of aides, mostly relations and friends, so they can benefit from government money, believing that government comes and goes while friends and brothers remain forever.

9. How can I vote for Peter Obi, who, as campaign director for former President Goodluck Jonathan in the South in 2015 would not ask for his own share of the Dasuki campaign windfall to enrich his friends and relations like his other colleagues did?

10. How do I vote for Peter Obi who would not make use of his popularity and life achievements by preferring the common title of Mr. instead of using Chief Sir Dr… reflect his string of traditional, religious and honorary titles including honorary doctorate degrees from reputable academic institutions as well as the knighthood of his church.

11. How do I vote for Peter Obi who, after his legendary achievements as governor in all sectors, especially education, still after his tenure, goes around educational institutions supporting students and going to markets, communities and business establishments urging people to acquire education. Now tell me, if all Anambrarians become lawyers, doctors, professors, teachers etc., who will be left to serve as roadside mechanics to attend to the needs of car owners or barrow pushers to convey luggage for our housewives who go shopping or even commercial drivers to convey people to their destinations?

12. How do I vote for Peter Obi who, when his tenure was coming to an end would not support anybody from his Anambra Central Senatorial zone to succeed him when many were begging him for it and instead insisted on shifting and rotating the governorship to Anambra North Senatorial zone, based on the so-called equity and equal opportunity for all Anambrarians? Are we not told to be our brothers’ keepers? Is this how he is going to be vice-president of Nigeria, forgetting that nepotism is Nigerian style of leadership?

Do you think I am right?

Mazi Omife I. Omife
Mbuze Mbaukwu

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