Tuesday 21 November 2023


FloxyPay is a world-class all-encompassing cryptocurrency project that that has FloxyPay “FXY” token as it native token and backbone, and FloxyPay “FXY” wallet, a decentralized self-custodian and non-custodian crypto wallet that incorporates Web3 authentication in its security, amongst other products.
As already stated, $FXY is the native token as well as the powerhouse of FloxyPay project. It powers the Floxypay ecosystem and also provides users with a seamless and convenient experience.
$FXY token is performing creditably well in the crypto market which dramatizes the snowballing interest and confidence on it in the crypto space which has led to its mass adoption.   
Contemporarily, $FXY token has been listed on seven leading centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges such as LBank, BitMart, Mexc, XT, OpenSea, Uniswap and QuickSwap.
Listing and partnership with those popular cryptocurrency exchanges has propelled the visibility and liquidity of $FXY token.
This listing also serves as marketing and advertising platforms for $FXY token, as well as an apparatus for soon-to-come collaborations with prominent exchanges which will reinvigorate the token in the crypto market.
In addition to that, $FXY token is listed on the two to crypto data aggregators, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, after a very careful and protracted examination and scrutiny by each data aggregator.
Listing on CoinMarketCap has orchestrated the validation of $FXY token as well as FloxyPay project as a whole, accentuating its visibility.
Consequently, holders of $FXY token can easily access real-time price data, trading volume, market capitalization, and other essential information about our token.
In addition to trading and making profit via crypto exchanges where it is listed, $FXY can be used as an instrument of payment settlement, global flight and hotel booking, utility and bill payment, etc.
FloxyPay equally has FXY wallet app, a decentralized self-custodian and non-custodian cryptocurrency wallet app that uses Web3 authentication to provide bullet-proof security for all cryptocurrencies stored.
This is a wallet app that enables users to register with any of their social media accounts, amongst other options.
In addition to the gargantuan security of the wallet app, it is very fast, and user-friendly which allows you to store, send, receive, and swap your cryptocurrencies with ease.
You can also buy your favorite cryptocurrencies directly from your local bank, UPI, Gpay, and more using the FXY Wallet app.
There will soon be an NFT Integrations like marketplaces, on $FXY wallet. 
Currently, some campaigns are ongoing in the community of FloxyPay project.
They are FXY wallet app referral program, Zealy campaign, and crypto trading signal.
5-3-2 FXY wallet referral program: In this program, community members are expected to download the wallet from Google PlayStore, register, send their automatically generated referral link to their friend to use and do same.
Let’s assume that Mr. A sends his referral link to his friend, Mr. B. When Mr. B successfully registers on the app, Mr. A gets 5 FXY reward instantly on his FXY wallet.
When Mr. B refers Mr. C who successfully downloads and registers, Mr. A gets 3 FXY reward instantly on his FXY wallet.
When Mr. C refers Mr. D, Mr. A gets 2 FXY reward instantly on his wallet.
It is called 5-3-2 referral program.
The FXY reward can be swapped with either USDT or Polygon Matic.
The ability to swap $FXY token with other cryptocurrencies in FXY wallet enhances the utility of the FXY token and provides flexibility for users to manage their cryptocurrency holdings according to their preferences.
Zealy campaign: This gives the project community the opportunity of winning a humongous amount of money via doing daily tasks of following the social media handles of Floxypay, liking posts, commenting on each post on all the social media platforms. It also involves downloading the FXY wallet and successfully registering, commenting on the project’s Telegram and Discord communities.

Each activity has points and the four people with the highest cumulative points will emerge as winners. Each activity has points and the four people with the highest cumulative points will emerge as winners.

Crypto trading signal: This provides valuable insights and opportunities in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading to members of the FloxyPay project community, enabling them to access to expert analysis, real-time insights, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about crypto trading
In view of the listing of $FXY token on multiple leading cryptocurrency exchanges and numerous campaigns of FXY wallet, FloxyPay project has been trending on the crypto space for the upwards of three weeks and above.
Snowballing popularity and adoption of $FXY token and FXY Wallet is being recorded on a daily basis, following the campaigns. 

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