Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Nigeria Insurance Plc has been insuring lives and properties for over five decades and keeps improving on ways to secure our customers.

It has come to our notice that some fraudulent sales agents go around our existing and prospective customers to sell products that do not exist in our portfolio.

It may not be possible to spot the difference between the fake and the real sales agents but you can check to confirm, using any or all these control measures:

·        Ensure you pay in cheques and not cash into Niger Insurance Plc
·        Direct cash deposit at any bank nearest to you
·        Online payment should be made at via ATM card
·        cash payment should be receipted at any of our offices only
·        no cash payment should be made to or through any staff or marketer
·        call our hotlines: 08052097782, 08095601341, 08095601154, 08052097784 and 08033085970 or e-mail us at: