Saturday, 12 March 2016


Barrister Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, CFR
Last week, the classic paradigm simply called Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye marked 74 years on earth, enjoying the surpluses of life after the biblical three score and ten. And he is still counting, in good health, enjoying unparalleled closeness to his God. Adeboye’s exploits in the body of Christ in Nigeria will be remembered for as long as the Bible remains. If you don’t remember him for his teachings, you will remember him for his long fasts, which often get people worried about him. If you don’t remember him for his fasting, you will remember him for his singing and dancing, or for his simple yet classic dressing. And if you don’t remember him for any of these, you will surely remember him for ONE thing.

Can you guess what it is? Cast him in the mould of Moses, Abraham and Joshua (as in the Bible and not as in Nigeria), you will not be off mark. These were the classic thinkers of those days, who directly heard from God and not from themselves, who pronounced blessings that came to pass, who hardly cursed but knew the end of the enemy from the beginning. Adeboye is like his fellow disciples of Jesus, some of whom suffered martyrdom.
They would give up everything for their Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Adeboye is committed to one and only one book: The Holy Bible. He does not know any other book. He sees heaven as his reward and there is nothing on earth that can be an alternate reward for him, not even the best that the earth has to offer. Adeboye simply lives to see if he can attract one more life to Christ.

He lives for the joy of ensuring that more people like you and I do not end up in hell fire. There is no other purpose for his existence. He only appreciates the eternal life of glory promised those who truly surrender their lives to Christ. His only mantra is: “Heaven is real.” For him, no mathematical theory, qualitative or quantitative methodology can change the reality of heaven! Adeboye has many friends. You will find among them Mark, who died in Egypt when he refused to deny Jesus, Peter, who famously said: “I feel unworthy to die in the same way that Jesus had died,” Barnabas, who was stoned to death in Salonica, Andrew, who said, “I have long desired and expected this happy hour, the cross has been consecrated by the body of Christ hanging on it,” James, who was beheaded, Apostle Thomas, who was stabbed with a spear in India, Matthias, who was stoned and beheaded, Jude, who was flogged to death with whips, Luke, who was hanged in Greece, and Apostle Paul, the only one who died peacefully of old age in Turkey.

The calling of Adeboye and his friends have long been consecrated by the blood of Jesus. The proof of Adeboye’s calling is obvious and no science can make him change from his focused objective. He cannot be separated from his master. He is impossible to penetrate by the enemy. He is a living proof of the existence of God, a signature of GOD! Simply called Daddy GO, whatever he says comes to pass. Righteous, faithful, a giver and a singer, he has only one friend: The Holy Bible, and only one human love: Mummy GO, who is herself a photocopy of Daddy GO. All they do is teach the Bible, a holy book that was written by 44 writers in three different languages: Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Even though most of the writers were not well educated and most of them did not know each other, the Bible remains a complete comprehensive library of humanity.

It is the most ancient book in the world and a treasure chest of life’s experiences: past, present and future. To Adeboye, the summary of the encounter with Jesus is sweet, full of ‘honey and milk.’ I also summarise the Jesus adventure as follows in another work of mine: “If the price to pay for receiving him is death, and there are precedents, it will be glorious to die for him. What is more important than the everlasting attraction of the glory in life after death? Now you are to enjoy the earth without paying the price of death as immediate and instant reward for sin, since Jesus and his apostles had died for our sins. What then could hold you back in receiving him? What a glorious day when he returns. What a conclusion of the entire Prophesy. What a time to spend in Heaven where there is no sin, the very first time we truly enjoy ourselves with the Creator and his son. A permanent memory we shall all keep. I only hope you will be there. I pray we do not miss each other in our permanent glorious home. I will certainly look out for you.”

Now, what is that ONE thing you think Adeboye will be remembered for as long as people worship God? His mantra, “LET SOMEONE SHOUT HALLELUYA” has become priceless to the body of Christ! Daddy GO, Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (CFR), as you celebrate 74, here is a wish from a son to a father: Igba odun, odun kan sir! (National Mirror)