Friday, 5 January 2018


Ambassador Chris Owushi Eze
Ambassadors are not those who revel themselves in the routine glories of their unbridled immunities. They are of tribe of humanity who invite people to their selfless acts by the jingles of their good deeds, and who would readily patronize the local humility of dining and caring for the least of his fellow compatriot. These men like His Excellency Major General Chris Owushi Eze, the Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of India, beat any contender as the diplomat of choice.

The Ambassador has made diplomacy into choreography such that his slight frame easily yields to the flow of its rhythm. He has turned diplomacy into poetry of a line much too practiced that he speaks and breathes diplomacy! His polished sureness in social behavior is quite admirable. He has also got an estimable benignant voice, which when switched into language of diplomacy, unconsciously adopts a certain tone meant to echo his true identity: A proud Nigerian.

A few days ago, the Honorable Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor of Sharda University, one of the leading centres of education, research and innovation in India extended an invitation to Ambassador Chris Owushi Eze to visit their University and Hospital to open out possible tie-ups, and to explore in the areas of capacity building, academic collaboration, healthcare and sponsorship. Also in the meeting were the Deputy Speaker of Kano State and some academics.

The long meeting ended with the Deputy Speaker of Kano state House of Assembly, on behalf of the government of Kano State, agreeing on actionable proposals for possible collaboration between Kano State government and Sharda University under Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. The good news is that Nigeria's image under the artfulness of Ambassador Chris Owushi Eze, more than before, is about to drift towards a new identity in Asia and India in particular.

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