Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Tectono Business Review has always known AIICO Insurance Plc as a company that has distinguished itself as an insurer of choice and the leading insurance company in Nigeria that provides life insurance and retirement services as well as risk underwriting to a substantial and diversified client base.

We were at the event in Yaba where the insurance company played host to over 500 insurance brokers under the aegis of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers on December 12, 2017 in a bid to extend the frontiers of its operation and break new grounds in its relationships with insurance brokers. It is obvious that the Iyano-Isolo branch of AIICO Insurance Plc is bent on defacing the reputation that this company has built over the years.  

A Lagos-based logistics expert, Uduak Inyang, spoke to Tectono Business Review on how the Iyano-Isolo branch of AIICO Insurance Plc advertised a non-existent vacancy for logistics officers only to be told, during interview, that he would be a marketing officer for 6 months before being transferred to logistics department under a condition of meeting a certain target.

According to Inyang, “This is a sham, charade and total deception. Mrs. Abdul Husseina of AIICO Insurance is aware that many Nigerians are not interested in working as marketers in insurance company and earning only commissions. So, they devised a way of luring people for interview for non-existent positions only to be pushed into marketing department. About a week ago, I saw an advertisement for the post of logistics officer in an insurance company on The Guardian Newspaper. As a logistics expert with many years of experience, I decided to apply. Some days later, I got a text message from this line: +234807167346.... inviting me for an interview on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at AIICO Insurance Building, 203/205, Oshodi/Apapa Expressway, Iyano Isolo by 8:00am. According to the invitation, I should call Mrs. Abdul Husseina on +234706512638..... I called Mrs. Husseina and she confirmed the authenticity of the advert and the logistics officer’s position that I applied for.

“On the day of the interview, I could not go to work for me to be in the insurance company’s office by 8:00am. I took the risk of leaving my house as early as 5:30am with the original copies of my credentials. During the interview with Mrs. Abdul Husseina, she told me that there was no vacancy for logistics officer at the moment but I would work as a marketer for 6 months and I would be paid on commission basis and from my performance, I will be transferred to the logistics department.

“What a deception! In the advert on the pages of newspaper, they did not make it clear that anybody applying for logistics officer would spend six months as a marketer. Imagine a logistics expert reducing himself to knocking at doors selling insurance products. I wasted my time and my resources going for the scam interview. I also risked losing my present job as a logistics executive in a manufacturing company for not going to work for no reasonable reason.”

Hmmm!!! Tectono Business Review wonders why a reputable insurance company like AIICO should stoop so low as to deceiving university graduates into coming for a fake job interview. This is a pure case of defacing insurance business. If AIICO could do this, how are we sure that Nigerians are not also being deceived into paying for their services which could also be fake. There is no way you can force insurance marketing job on people. Let them know the real job positions they are applying for and if they are interested, they will willingly apply.

Where are the board and management team of AIICO Insurance Plc? Are you aware of this scam?  The National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) and Nigeria Insurance Association (NIA) should also take note of this. Please, something must be done swiftly about this development. Mrs. Abdul Husseina and her colleagues in Iyano Isolo branch should be severely punished to serve as a deterrent to other unit or agency managers that have similar intentions. 

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