Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Folks, as you can see in the photographs here, a very expensive car containing the corpse of the late richest man in Kenya is being lowered into the grave

We gathered that the undertakers were acting on the instruction given by the late billionaire when he was alive. This is an act of acute stupidity and foolishness. We are very sure that in the village where this man came from, there are people dying of hunger and he refused to helped them. Can’t this car be sold to help the needy?

Please, let Nigerian rich men not copy this style. 

Hmmm!!! Folks, have you ever imagined how the financial status of your firm will be when more than 20,000 CEOs and other key decision makers of blue-chip corporations pay for your products and services or even give you very juicy deals. The link below will tell you more: http://www.tectono-business.com/2015/07/tectono-business-review-in-conjunction_21.html

Have you heard this? Many Nigerian exporters have been defrauded of huge amount of money in the process of exporting commodities to foreign countries. Do you know why? They were not trained on export operations, management, documentations and the best methods of payment in export trade. This is terrible!!! Nigerians cannot continue to lose money to foreigners in the course of export business. Exporters, why don’t you get a practical manual that teaches the stages of export trade from processing and packaging of commodities to receipt of payment by the foreign buyers. It teaches export operations, export management, export documentations and methods of payment in export trade? It is a contemporary step-by-step guide to export trade. It tells all the contemporary dynamics in export trade. To get it, click on the link below:

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