Thursday, 11 January 2018


Barrister Charlie Ugwu, the Onowu of Igugu Ancient Kingdom
The great political wordsmith, Hon. Onyekachi Ugwu, who is a Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, recently took to the social media to laud and glorify the Onowu of Igugu Ancient Kingdon, Barrister Charlie Ugwu.

He wrote: “Leadership is not about political positions occupied. Leadership is about engineering positive impacts, exciting self-discovery and influencing change in someone's negative world views. Leadership is about effortlessly commanding and influencing respect and honour. It is about warming up to all and sundry and influencing the greatest happiness of the greatest number. It is about helping people change their perception of things and molding newer perspective that are productive. It's about inspiring, motivating and leveraging new levels for people. It is about having open door, wide ears and shoulder to bear burdens.”

According to Hon. Onyekachi, Barrister Charlie Ugwu, the Onowu of Igugu Ancient Kingdom, is not your political careerist. He is a practicing lawyer who does not occupy political positions. He added that the Onowu of Igugu acts as a bridge between the politicians who will not relate being diametrically opposed to each other. “Whereas a regular politician is disposed to keeping non supporters at arm’s length, he throws his doors open to all, gives rapt attention to your case and advises as considered needful. As a result, he is a politicians’ idol with far reaching influence and outstanding goodwill,” he wrote.

Hon. Onyekachi, who is known for his oratory prowess, made it clear that many youths in and outside Udenu Local Government owe Barrister Ugwu a lot for quality interventions in their affair at a slight beckoning, adding that back in Udenu, he stands as a man of the people, a man whose main gate is thrown wide ajar once he is at home.

The great political wordsmith remembered how an evening in Barrister Ugwu’s home looks like: “An evening in his home reminds one of a typical moonlight gathering where men and women from different homes gather to make merriment, drawing inspiring lessons from the wise mouth of a grandmother. This unusual style baffles many especially in an era when security concerns are on the high. But you see, Socrates in his wisdom had admonished us to understand that "nothing evil happens to a good man whether living or dead" for the gods send Angels to mount guard at his doorsteps,” he wrote.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Enugu State described the Onowu as a man of dwarfing aura who no one could fail to be drawn to. He wrote that at first sight, you would be cajoled by his ramrod and no nonsense poise, but on a closer call you would be awed with his enveloping charm, smoothness of conversation and disposition to hospitality.

He recounted what one of his friends said after paying the Onowu a visit: “At first, I felt intimidated by the air of opulence around about him. I had a wrong impression of his cockiness and his stern and unsmiling face, but when I sat into my chair directly opposite him, I saw a different person. I saw a personable person, a man whose height in life does not determine his human relationship, a good story teller and a charming and inspiring character. I cherish the visit, as it made me see differently," he wrote.

Hon Onyekachi said that the Onowu does not felicitate with nonsense and vanity fair and he is straight to the point and prompt, gives you reason to laugh and smoothly deflates you long held but wrong notions about things and persons. “He is a leader who provides leadership effortlessly, makes you see the need for followership and team playing. Unlike your regular politician, he does not promise whatever he is not committed to. He neither massages ego nor makes light your burden with words but action. To cap it up, learning is a continuous process. For me and I believe also of those who flock around him, what I learnt within a year is so redefining and reinventing. Join me and celebrate this iconic personality regardless that it is not his birthday. When the birthday comes, we won't fail to draw lines with words in exact shapes and sizes,” he concluded.

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