Sunday 17 December 2017


blood money
Folks, have you ever seen money ritualists talk? Have you ever seen then trying to convince people to join them? They use deceptive words such as:
“Of what use is having children when you cannot afford to feed and take good care of them?”

“Of what use is having a wife when you cannot afford to clothe her?”

“Of what use is having parents when you cannot even afford to give them proper medications when they are ill?”

“Of what use is life when all you go through everyday are poverty, hunger, rejection, sorrow, condemnation, shame and disgrace?”

“In this world, if you do not have money, you are as good as being dead.”

All they do is to encourage people to use their parents, wives, children and other relations for money ritual, forgetting that there is no short cut to success. Life is not all about wealth. It is high time people began to imbibe the culture of working hard and praying for God’s blessing. In Nigeria today, internet fraudsters, otherwise known as yahoo yahoo boys, have started engaging in rituals.

It is only God’s blessing that ushers in wealth and adds no sorrow to it. There is no way devil will give you money and fail to take away what is very dear to you. The devil only gives those ritualists all the money they are supposed to make in their lifetimes with five or more years and kills them. It is as simple as that.

There are very important words that those money ritualists usually avoid. It goes like this:
“Of what use is wealth when you cannot even live long to enjoy it?”

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