Friday 22 December 2017


A Lagos based real estate development firm, Realty Point Limited has launched a scheme that will assist estate agents to earn commission electronically from sales and through referrals.

The platform known as Realty Point Independent Sales Agency (RISA), according to the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Mr. Gbadebo Adejana, is a combination of the lessons learnt from the previous models in order to maximize profits from range of products from his firm’s stable.

The platform, Adejana said, followed discrepancies noticed in its previous models, namely the Prime Asset People Empowerment Programme (PAPE) and Prime Estate Desk, which the firm pioneered with other developers for the marketing of real estate on commission basis.

Adejana explained that RISA is a multi-marketing models, which signified a new thinking in real estate marketing where marketers are encouraged to be more profits oriented and get commissions seamlessly. The idea, he stressed, was to transit and combine the lessons from PAPE, which was done manually and Prime Exchange, which involved getting people involved in the sales and getting commissions from that.

According to him, marketers of Realty Point products, which include Strategic Land Investment and Affordable Home Development Schemes, now have limitless opportunities to make profits in their profession.

He remarked that despite the challenges of recession in the real estate sector, the platform provides a great deal of opportunities for marketers in the firm’s Cedar Homes, its affordable home development located in Jahi District Abuja and Ajah, Lagos, the Harbour Estate Lakowe, Lekki Lagos, RoseBerry Estate and Prime Estate, Mowe –Ofada, Ogun state.

Also, Mr. Akin Arogundade, who leads the Business Development and Strategy Unit of Realty Point Limited, said marketers can also use RISA platform on the Real Estate Investment Cooperative Multipurpose Society, known as BERSAMA, which was recently launched by the firm.

The cooperative enables members to invest in the real estate developments as well as offer loans to members. But marketers, who introduced members to the society can benefit through RISA even when they are not members.

Other products, which can be maximized through the RISA platform, includes, the School of Estate created by the firm to build strategic competencies for marketers in real estate marketing.

Also speaking on selling value in challenging times, a sales expert, Bunmi Jembola, urged marketers to differentiate themselves from competitors by listening more to their clients than talking. (Guardian)

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