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Charity Nyamekye, a big ghanaian banker
Miss Charity Nyamekye is a Ghanaian banker that rose from grass to grace. In this interview, she explains how she persevered will suffering in school owing to financial issues and graduated to be a very big banker. Sit back and read her story.

Charity Nyamekye, the crew of Tectono Business Review is excited to meet you.
I'm also excited to meet you too        .

Thanks a billion. Readers of Tectono Business Review all over the world would like to know who you are. Please, may we know who you are?
Thanks once again. Please I'm Charity Nyamekye from Ghana. I am a lady of 24 years of age with a degree of Accounting and finance and currently working with Group Ndoum Bank (GN Bank), Ghana and hoping to work at the World Bank in the near future.

Good to hear that. What informed your decision to study accounting?
Thanks again. Actually I'm talent lady in mathematics and science. So, I was thinking that it would help me a lot if I really focuse on it well, and also with the help of my teachers as well as my parents.

Why did you not study engineering or medicine, since you were good in sciences in secondary school?
Well, I started with my Accounting when I was in the Secondary school and I became more interested and good at it also, so I decided to further with it

That's very interesting. When did you graduate and when did you start working?
Well I graduated on the year of 2017, did my national service and afterwards they employed me after looking at my performance.

Do you mean that the bank that employed you did so after looking at your performance in school?
They looked on both of the School and my working experience with them

Good. We heard how you studied in school under difficult condition. Can you tell us about it?
Yeah, is true that I studied in school under difficult condition. It all started when my father fell sick which took him for about 4 years to recover and due to that my mother also had to be with him and take care of him. That was when I completed my junior High School.

Go on and tell us because readers will certainly be motivated.
Owing to this development, there was no income coming from anywhere, meaning I had to find something to do in support of my family and myself. So I found myself a job which was transfer of airtime and credit card and in the process of this I was able to raise some amount of money to further my education though it wasn't that sufficient but my church elders together with the members help me out when they got to know of my situation

But God being so good, when I went to the senior high school, there was this man I met during one of our break time. The man was buying banana and I was also buying some. After the man finished buying his, I couldn't even wait to buy mine because I was in a hurry to help the man to carry his banana to his destination. That was how I got to know he that was a teacher in the school. He also started asking me question about my family and I told him everything. That's was how he also began to help me in paying of my fees and even bought school uniform for me. He also helped me when I went to the University.

Through this, I have learned that we should be humble and truthful all the time. It doesn't matter the kind of person he or she is. Above all, I thank the Almighty God for how far He has brought me because without Him I couldn't have gotten to this far.
Charity, we thank God for His goodness in your life. How is it like being a banker in Ghana?

Well, being a Banker is little stressful but not that difficult. It needs patient and wisdom

Good. What is your advice to young people that want to go to the university but they do not have sponsors?
Well my advice to the young people that wants to go to the university but don't have sponsored is that, is a matter of the time, patient and God's intervention. Also hard work is involved.

Charity, thanks a billion for your time. Is there any other thing you would like to tell us?
Thanks also. No please

We thank you for finding time to speak with us.
You are welcome

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