Wednesday, 11 March 2020


The world today is a world of innovation and open competition. Every firm therefore, in the words of Porter, “has to attempt to put itself in a position where it is likely to perceive and best address the imperatives of competitive advantage”.  

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To achieve this competitive advantage firms must focus their concern on improvement and innovation. This has to result from a willingness to compete and realistic understanding of the environment and how to improve it. Information and communication play a very important role in the ability and capacity of a firm to innovate and successfully deliver competitive response through value added offerings to their customers.

The primary goal of marketing communication is to reach a defined audience to affect its behavior by informing, persuading, and reminding. Marketing communication acquires new customers for brands by building awareness and encouraging trial.

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Other upcoming programs are :

                                  March  2020
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Course Mar, 2-4
E commerce Opportunities and Application for Business Growth Course Course 02 - 04 Mar, 2020
Forecasting, Analyses and Cash Flow Management Course   02-05 Mar, 2020
Leading Strategic Human Resources Transformation Course 03 - 05 Mar, 2020
Result Oriented Teaming Training  Training Mar  3-5
Business Writing for Administrative Professionals Course 09 - 11 Mar, 2020
Advanced Office Management and Effective Administration Skills Training 09 - 11 Mar, 2020
Strategic Brand Management In Health care Sector 09 - 11 Mar, 2020
Strategic Business Development Program 10 - 12 Mar, 2020
Re-branding Customer Service Training  Mar, 10-12
Digital Warehouse: Method and practice Training  Mar, 10-12
Business Networking and Relationship Marketing Training Mar  10-12
Performance Management and Appraisal System  Mar, 11-13
Authentic Leadership Training 11 - 13 Mar, 2020
Key Account Management Training 11 - 13 Mar, 2020
Strategic Brand Management In Oil and Gas Sector 11 - 13 Mar, 2020
Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Project Course 16 - 20 Mar, 2020
Product Development and Management Course    March 16-18
Data Analytics for Strategic Managers Course    Mar  17-19
Document Control and Record Management Course   March  17-19
Agile Leadership : Crisis and Emergency Management Course  Mar, 18-20
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines (Achieving Results through Task Management) Course  March 18-20
Client Acquisition Training for professionals  20 - 20 Mar, 2020
Effective Sales and Marketing Administration Training 23 - 25 Mar, 2020
Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Course  Mar, 23-25
Total Quality Management Course Mar,23-25
Remaining Competitive - Red to Blue Ocean Positioning Training  Mar, 24-26
Effective Interpersonal Skills Course 24 - 26 Mar, 2020
Project Scheduling and Cost Planning Skills Training Mar,24-26
Life After Service/ Pre Retirement Workshop Mar, 25-27
Negotiation and Mediation Skills  Mar,25-27
Compact and Agile Document Control and Record Management Course 30 Mar-April 3
Employee Engagement and Alignment Course 30 Mar-Apr 1
Effective Self Awareness, Self Management and Control Training 30 Mar - 03 Apr, 2020
Financial Accounting and Reporting Course 30 Mar - 02 Apr, 2020
Advanced Human Resources Management Course: Competencies Development 31 Mar -02 Apr, 2020
Leading with Emotional Intelligence Course 31 Mar - 02 Apr, 2020
Train The Trainer Workshop 31 Mar - 02 Apr, 2020
Job Evaluation and Reward Management Training 31 Mar - 02 Apr, 2020
Advanced Negotiation Masterclass 31 Mar - 02 Apr, 2020

Coaching, Mentoring and Role Modelling Training  Training  April 1-3
Result Oriented Teaming Training  Apr 1-3
Key Result Areas, Key Performance Indicators Setting and Administration Training Apr 1-3
Work Ethics and Organisational Productivity Course   April 1-3
Product Development and Management Course    April1-3
Time and Priority Management for Personal Effectiveness Course  Apr 1-3
Customer Experience Management for Brand Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and Relationship Managers Course    April 1-3
Market Planning, Market Audit and Bench-marking Training  Apr 1-3
Strategy Management in the Public Sector Course     Apr 1-3
Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategies Course Apr 6-8
Information, Documentation and Data Control Compliance  Apr 6-9
Excellent Client Service Delivery Approaches for Front line People: For Personal Assistants, Receptionists, Dispatch Riders, Attendants, Telesales and Operators Apr 6-8
Developing an Effective Safety Culture Training  Apr 7-9
Effective Shareholders Value Creation Management Approaches Course  Apr 7-9
Essential Administrative Skills for Upcoming Officers, Senior Supervisors and Promising Managers Training  Apr 8-10
Strategic Sales Management Course  Apr 13-17
Marketing Communication for Business-to-Business Management Training  Apr 13-15
Building and Presenting a Powerful Business Case Course  Apr 13-15
Strategic Managerial Accounting Course: Cost Behaviour System Analysis  April13-17
Strategic Planning, Control and Budgeting Course  April 13-17
Basic Human Resources Management Skills for Line Managers and Senior Supervisors Course
 Apr 14-16
Strategic Human Resource Management Training  Apr 20-23
Strategic Crisis Management Training  Apr 20-22
Beyond the Sales Target Course: Field Sales Development and Management  April 20-22
Brand Conscious Managers Training  Apr 21-24
Productivity with Emotional Intelligence Course  Apr 21-23
Offensive and Defensive Market Share Training for Sales and Marketing Managers  Apr 27-30
Communication and Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals Training  27-30
Managing the Learning and Development Functional Responsibilities Training  Apr 28-30
Health, Safety and Environment Training Apr 28-30
Strategic Finance Manager with Influence Course Apr 28-30
Developing the Management and Staff Organizational Learning and Development Capacity Training   May 4-7
Middle Management Development : Stepping in to Leadership Course 4-6
Effective Communication and Interpersonal Relations Course  4-6
Critical Customer Service Skills Course  4-6
Relationship Management and Marketing Result Course  4-6
Business Etiquette for Personal Effectiveness Training 4-6
Document Control and Record Management Course 4-6
Mastering Corporate Communication Course  4-8
The 360° Leader: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Excellence Course 4-6
Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction Training  4-6
Effective Crisis Communication Skills Training  4-6
Forecasting, Analyses and Cash Flow Management Course  4-7
Selling to Difficult (People and Organizations) Course   5-7
Leadership in Transition Course  May 5-8
Business and Project Analysis Planning and Monitoring Course   6-8
Strategic Customer Loyalty Management Course   6-8
Interpersonal Skills Improvement for Technicians, Operatives, Secretaries and Personal Assistants Course   6-8
Marketing and Brand Management Training   6-8
Linking Strategy to Goals Training  May 11-13
Organisational Fraud Avoidance Methods: Effective Forensic
Acounting Training  May 11-15
Proactive Process Troubleshooting and Problem Solving Skill Acquisition Training  May 11-15
Talent Recognition and Development Course 11-13
Profitable Risk Analysis and Management Course  11-13
Effective Sales and Marketing Administration Training 11-13
Key Account Management Training   11-13
Human Resources Business Partnership Approaches Course  11-13
Building Service Excellence Culture Training  12-14
Strategic Human Resource Processes Planning Course  May 12-14
Remaining Competitive - Red to Blue Ocean Positioning Training May 12-14
 Succeeding in Management of Sales Outlets Training  May 20-22 Finance and Business Intelligence for HR Professionals Course  18-21
Profitable Selling in a Volatile and Hostile Market Course  20-22
Performance Appraisal and Management System Training  20-22
Business Development Essentails Course for Sales and Marketing People 20-22
Product Management Mastery Training  20-22
Business Networking and Relationship Marketing Training  25-27
E-Archiving and Electronic Document Management System Training  May 25-29
Effective Interpersonal Skills Course  May 25-27
Project Scheduling and Cost Planning Skills Training 25-27
Effective Team Leadership Training: Transforming Personal and Team Effectiveness  25-27
Effective Procurement, Supply Chain and Contract Management Approaches Course  May 25-29
Impactful Presentation that gets Business Course 25-27
Effective Service Delivery Management for Managers Course  25-29
Business Process Management Course 25-29
Total Quality Management Course  25-27
Project Management for New Managers : Basic Project Management Approaches Course  27-29
Tendering, Procurement and Negotiation Skills Course   27-28
Effective Distribution Channel Management Course   27-29
e-HR: Modern Trends and Applications Course   27-29
Compensation and Benefits Management Training  27-29
Strategic Brand Management In Food and Confectionery Sector  26-28
Strategic Creativity and Innovation Management Course  26-28
Effective Credit Sales Administration and Debt Recovery Methods Course  27-29
Telesales Approaches for Client Sourcing, Client Attraction, Client Acquisition and Client Retention Course 27-29
 Supervisory Effectiveness Training   27-29
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