Thursday, 2 July 2020


The truth is lack of money and influence is never the problem, it is only a symptom of the problem. The real problem is lack of skill. Rich and influential people have some critical skills that have put them way ahead of other people. They keep improving on these skills and as they get better at these skills, they go farther from their peers in terms of wealth and influence. If you want to join the league of the rich and influential, you must learn and master the skills that set them apart. Here are five skills of rich and influential people you should learn:

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1]: Leadership Skills- This is the ability to rally people to achieve a set a goal because success is a team sport and not a solo sport. Effective leadership skill is required for success. Rich and influential people have enviable leadership skills. Great leaders are visionary, great communicators and excellent motivators. You must be able to put the abilities of ten people together to achieve the result of ten thousand people.

2]: Priority Management Skills- Some people say it is time management but it is actually priority management because we all have twenty four hours in a day and there is so much to do. How much we achieve is a function of how well we are able to manage our priorities. Rich and influential people know how to major on what is important and produce massive result when others and majoring on what is not important. We must learn the skill of priority management if we must become rich and influential.

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3]: Communication Skills- We live in a world where success is driven by communication and we must learn to communicate effectively if we must become rich and influential. Rich and influential people know the importance of effective communication and they leverage on it to their advantage. Whether it is oral or written communication, we must master it and become very proficient at it if we want to become rich and influential.

4]: Mindset Skills- This is a very important skill because it is can determine success or failure and the rich and successful has mastered this skill and use it in their favour. It is the ability to control your mind and master the emotions of fear, frustration, discouragement and other negative occurrence. It is also the ability to feed your mind with the right information, know your strength and work on your weaknesses. How well do you have power over your mind? What does your mind tell you about success and failure? If you don’t program your mind for success, you will be the path to failure.

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5]: Financial Literacy Skills- How much do you do know about money? Do you know how money works? Do you understand how to make, manage and multiply money? Financial literacy skill is a very critical skill we must learn if we want to be rich and influential and sadly it is not taught in school. So we must be intentional to acquire this skill so that our journey to becoming rich and influential will be seamless.

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