Monday, 6 July 2020


Aliko Dangote, Bill Gate & Yemi Osinbajo
Words can determine whether or not we succeed, they are that powerful. This is because they are very potent at creating an enabling environment for either success or failure and they are like forces that attract either success or failure. Great words attract success while negative words attract failure. The rich understand this concept and they use the power of positive words to create an enabling environment for their success. Here are five powerful phrases that rich people use to create success:

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1]: Yes I Can- Instead of saying I cannot do this as is common with average people, successful people always use the phrase “Yes, I Can”. This is a possibility phrase that dispels self-doubt and creates a mindset of possibility and achievement which in turn creates an environment for result.

2]: How Can It Be Done- This is a solution centered phrase that successful people use to create a solution driven environment. Instead of saying it cannot be done, they ask how it can be done because to the successful people, literally anything is possible.

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3]: I Want To Learn And Apply This- Successful people will rather ask that they be taught and find ways to apply all they have learnt instead of saying I know that already. The result you produce is the only proof of your knowledge and that is why successful people seek to learn and apply.

4]: Let Us Try It Again- This is a statement of tenacity and perseverance. Successful people do understand that perseverance is needed to attain success and when things do not go their way as they expect, instead of giving up they try again. This is because trying again will help you do things in a better and more intelligent way.

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5]: I Will Do It Now- This is a statement of action and urgency and action is the hallmark of success. Instead of saying I will think about it, rich and successful people will rather want to start out immediately because they know that procrastination is an enemy of success and they do not intend to move the action any further.

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