Wednesday, 8 July 2020


 1. RENOVATION OF THE PARISH TOILET: The parish toilet needs a face-lift. Most of the doors are bad, the toilet seats need to be changed, the roof is leaking and the urinary for men needs a modern one. The toilet building needs expansion to accommodate rooms for changing of diapers and napkins for babies and children. The ceiling needs to be changed to a modern one. The lightening system should also be repaired for better visibility.


2. CHURCH BUILDING: The church building needs to be repainted and the mosaic tiles need to be washed. Some of the lightening systems in the church needs to be repaired while some needs to be replaced.


a. Church pews: Some of the church pews are bad. Some needs to be repaired while majority needs to be painted with anti-insects chemicals because a lot of them are eaten up by insects.


b. Church Hall: Although, the sound system in the church hall is very good and working optimally, two ceiling fans need to be replaced.


3. LANDED PROPERTY: The church has a plot of land in Lagos. This year, we intend to level the land because there is a dilapidated building on it that has collapsed. We equally intend to have a drainage, a culvert and a gate at the place so that parishioners can use the place for parking their vehicles and societies can also use the place for their meetings, pending when the church decided on what to with with the land.


4. PARISH MEMBERS OF STAFF: These are the members of staffs of the parish and their positions:

Parish Catechist

Parish Secretary



5. PARISH ACTIVITIES/PROGRAMMES: Please, check the front page of the parish bulletin for all the activities and programmes


6. CHURCH INVENTORY: The church inventory will be attached to the documents.

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