Friday 6 October 2023


FXTM (ForexTime), a leading Forex broker, shook up the trading world with its inaugural Battle Royale competition in Nigeria. Held in the vibrant heart of Africa, the event united traders and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds in a quest for a coveted $2000 prize pot while highlighting FXTM Academy's commitment to enhancing trading skills.
The Battle Royale was strategically designed to answer the age-old question: Who makes more profitable traders, men or women? Two formidable teams, four talented men and women representing diverse regions of Nigeria, engaged in a spirited competition. Each participant received $2500 in their personal FXTM live trading account, with four weeks to demonstrate their trading prowess. Real-time coaching by FXTM trainers fostered insightful debates on trading strategies, empowering clients to identify and address their strengths and weaknesses.
The event not only provided valuable learning experiences, but encouraged participants to recognize and address their trading weaknesses. FXTM trained and seasoned expert,  Matthew Anthony stated that “It was key to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses; to keep a trading journal, learn from mistakes, and read daily articles on our website.”
Ayokunle Faniku, the most profitable trader, credited his success to rule adherence, fundamental understanding, technical analysis, and risk management, while Onyekaonu Victoria, a member of the female Team, shared her profound insight, saying, "It has helped me to realize - we make mistakes, we can go back and look at our mistake - and we know how to move forward."
While showcasing FXTM's commitment to enhancing trading knowledge, the Battle Royale spotlighted Nigeria's ever-evolving financial landscape. As the Nigerian economy continues to grow, the finance sector witnesses significant changes, with the Nigerian Naira (NGN) remaining a focal point for investors. FXTM remains dedicated to providing insights for navigating Nigeria's dynamic financial ecosystem effectively.
FXTM continues its mission to foster informed and proficient traders with the Battle Royale event. Anticipating 'Battle Royale 2.0' in November, on a more inclusive and broad spectrum than just answering the age-old question, FXTM invites aspiring traders to compete for a $1000 prize (withdrawal fund).

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