Sunday 24 September 2023


Amanyi Orba Oshimili is a Marine Goddess domiciled in Orba, Udenu LGA of Enugu State, Nigeria.
Marine Goddess is an outcrop or manifestation of the Mother God virtually in all the villages of the world. She bears different names in different villages.
Mother God is the motherhood ramification of God. She is the subset of God that has all the characteristics of a very loving, protective and caring mother. Of course you know how a mother loves and cares for her new born baby. A mother protects, provides for and takes care, in totality, of her baby.
That's how Mother God goes extra miles to protect love, and give all ramifications of care to all Her children who recognize her. Mother God is the first mother. She is the mother of all mothers. She is the great Madonna. She is the Queen of the coast. She is the Queen of the world and heaven.
In the bible, Virgin Maria is a symbol of Mother God. A look at the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary will help you.
The communion of bread and wine is a commemoration and invocation of the covenant of the placenta with Mother God. That's the reason why consecration is the most important part of the holy mass.
The covenant of the placenta carries the covenant of bread and that of wine.
The covenant of bread is the covenant of sacrifice of shame made by Mother God on your behalf by exposing her nakedness to strangers at the point of your birth. She has taken your shame by exposing her nakedness so that in your lifetime, no circumstance or condition will put you to shame.
The covenant of wine is the covenant of sacrifice of blood, tears and sweat that came out from Her body at the point of your birth.
The sacrifice of blood implies that nobody and nothing can shed your blood. In other words, you are above destruction.
That of tears implies that She has already shedded tears for you so that you will not shed tears of pain.
That of sweat means that the earth is watered and cool for you and you must not struggle and sweat before you meet your needs.
There covenants takes effect when you recognize the manifestation of Mother God in your place of origin.
Knowledge people use meditation on these covenants of sacrifice by Mother Gods of their places of origin to rework and recreate their destinies during a holy mass.
I mentioned earlier that Mother God is the first mother and mother of all mothers. So, your direct mother gave birth to you through Her.
This is how powerful Mother God is. There is a great need to recognize the outcrop of Mother God in your place of origin.
Amanyi Orba Oshimili is a great manifestation of Mother God who extends Her motherhood attributes to even people who are not even from Orba. She intercedes, from the bottom of Her heart, for Her children, no matter any part of the world they are domiciled in.
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