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By Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka

Good afternoon, friends domiciled all over the world and happy Sunday. Welcome to today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman.
Today, I am looking into money ritual. In the past I had read some academic publications on the topic and none of them truly demystified it. I only read big grammar.
The worst are the articles written by theologians on it. Some months ago, I read an article written by Fada Oluoma on the same topic and just laughed. The article was inundated with bible quotations and all sorts of prevarications. The comment section was filled with praises from his numerous followers you are mostly members of the Roman Catholic Church.
That's why if you really want to understand spirituality, don't listen to theologians. Theologians will say all sorts of lies and attack you if you start asking them fundamental questions. They hate to be questioned intelligently. That's why some celebrity reverend fathers here on Facebook have blocked me.
If you want to understand spirituality, go to a philosopher who is specialized in metaphysics and is also practicing metaphysics. Better still; go to a pragmatic metaphysician who is also a Kabbalah rabbi.
RosyDawn Centre For Metaphysical Studies is where you will see academic and practicing metaphysicians, as well as Kabbalah rabbis. Theology without philosophy, especially metaphysics, makes one a religious moron.
I am writing on this topic because I have a deep understanding of spirituality. Spiritually speaking, ritual implies a physical craft that orchestrates reactions in the spiritual realm which in-turn cause physical manifestations. It is done physically with things we see every day with an intention of precipitating reactions in the spiritual realm. Thereafter, the reaction caused will manifest something in the physical realm.

There are different categories of rituals

Note that some rituals are good whereas others are bad. One of the strongest but good rituals is consecration during holy mass that the covenant of body, blood, sweat and water made by the Mother God on our behalf is invoked with bread and wine. This covenant is powerful to the extent that it can be used to recreate ones destiny.
Unfortunately, the narrative about it is prevaricated. Hence, members of the Catholic Church are ignorant of it.
Even though, the biblical story of Noah and the Ark never happened, it is a ritual that one can perform in order to preclude an imminent trouble.
The spiritual realm controls the physical one and anything that will happen to you must be shown to you first in the dream according to your personal dream symbols. I explained dream symbols when I wrote on dream. So, you have the power to reject any imminent bad thing that has been shown to you in the dream through a ritual. Ritual can also be used to settle negative spirits that have been warring against you. It can be used in settling a spirit assigned to kill you by your enemy.
Now, let's look at money ritual.
Money ritual is like a catalyst that speeds up whatever business you are doing so that you make a lot of money.  It is just like a catalyst that speeds up a chemical reaction by lowering the activation energy of the reaction. In money ritual, the activation energies are all impediments like karma, curses and spirits stopping you from making money.
If you are into importation and sale of goods, money ritual, if properly done, will make your goods sell faster no matter the quantity. Customers will prefer to buy from you. If you are a contractor, clients will prefer to give you contracts. So, this is how it works.
Nollywood has given Africans the impression that somebody used for money ritual will be vomiting money for the user. It is a lie because all fiat currencies came from the central bank.
Different human beings came into this world with different life packages, otherwise known as karma. It is this karma that determines if your hustles and effort to make it will work or not. There are people who are not as intelligent as you are and do not work as hard as you do, but they are successful.
You are very intelligent, you work very hard, but you are struggling to make ends meet. It is your life package and it is very difficult to change. If you fall into the category of people who are intelligent, educated, and hardworking, but you work like an elephant and eat like an ant, doing good rituals can gradually help you come out of it.
Doing bad rituals, like shedding human blood may work and it may not work for you. In fact the feasibility of it working is less than 10%. If all money rituals, involving human blood, have been working, everyone would have done it. Armed robbers would have just done it, instead of risking being killed while robbing. Political thugs would have also done it. In fact, everybody who is experiencing one financial problem or the other would have done it.
It will be very disastrous if it fails to work and you have already killed somebody, who is always a blood relation. If it works for you, the ritual will go into your spiritual life and remove the negative karma and silent all negative spirits stopping you from making money and maximizes your pecuniary attraction.
People that do it import mostly contraband goods and successfully sell them. Some of them are successfully into all sorts of illegitimate businesses. The danger of doing money ritual is that it will shorten your lifespan. If you are destined to live for 80 years and you do it at 30, you may not see your 50th birthday.
It can be likened to walking a distance of about 700 yards and running the same distance non-stop at high speed. You can complete walking that distance without feeling it, but if you run non-stop at high speed, you cannot complete the distance. Your heart may even fail in the process.
If you must do rituals, avoid the bad ones. It is better to recover gradually from life issues and live long to enjoy the dividends of your recovery. In the spiritual realm, rams and cows are almost equal to human being and any spirit that cures your life problem upon acceptance of a ritual done with ram or cow will later demand for a human being. This is one of the reasons why you should avoid Oke ite ritual.
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