Monday 18 September 2023


Good afternoon and welcome to today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman. Happy Sunday wherever you are domiciled.
In view of popular demand, I am looking into whether it is right or wrong to pay #spiritualists for #spiritual intervention. My inbox is inundated with hundreds of messages from people from all parts of the country over this issue. Some people pay spiritualists over a million naira for intervention and after the supposed work, the problems will persist.
A few months back, I heard of a certain Abuja-domiciled #prophetess collecting the sum of N200,000 each from people for consultation. Nigerians are queuing to pay. Sequel to the gargantuan nosedive of naira against dollar, I am not certain if she still collects the same amount.
The same prophetess made being an enormously donating partner to her church a criterion for seeing her expressly. People who cannot afford to pay N200,000 or donate humongously to the church will not be attended to.
Sequel to the excruciating unemployment in the country, many educated ladies have metamorphosed to spiritualists, baptizing themselves with monikers like #Ezenwanyi, Nwa Mmiri, Nne Mmiri, Ogbanje Mmiri, Digital #Ogbanje, etc.
They are everywhere on Facebook collecting consultation fees, divination fees, work fees, ritual fees, etc from the unsuspecting public. They also sell expensive and fake spiritual products to unintelligent people.
They are only after making money, paying zero attention to whether the problems of their customers are ameliorated.  Some of them even block their customers that complain.
After experiencing a one-time hallucination, some those ladies think that they have gotten spiritual gifts. Innumerable times, I have had encounters with spirits and I handled them in accordance with the ramifications I know they ought to be handled. I have not come to social media to post any picture where I am in any river or shrine with my face is painted and putting white garment.

However, few of them are real spiritualists capable of interceding for people who have spiritual problems. An Igbo adage says that because auto-mechanics put on dirty clothes, they are making it very difficult for people to know who is actually mad.

Folks, let me state it categorically that spiritual intervention should not be paid for. If you are a pastor, reverend father, prophet, prophetess, native doctor, ezenwanyi, etc, you are not supposed to commercialize your spiritual gift.
You are not supposed to place a price on your spiritual gift, if you are a real spiritualist. Otherwise, you are a scammer. The universe gave you such gift not as an instrument of making money, but to help mankind. It is a call for service. You didn't pay anyone to learn it. Neither did you invest your time in mastering it.
Imagine a scenario where a man comes to you in tears for help because his spiritual problems have crippled his finances and as a result of that, he cannot feed himself, let alone feeding his family members.
You are a devil, if you tell him that he must pay consultation fee before he is attended to. I understand that some divinations may not work without dropping some amount of money, but there must not be a price tag on it. Any amount the person has can make divination work. If the customer can only afford N100 for divination, it is going to work.
All spiritual works should be free of charge, except if there are things to buy. You don't have to inflate the prices of whatever you want to buy. I am teaching some spiritual laws here.
After attending to your customer free of charge and his life turns around, he will forever remain grateful to you. The onus will be on him to be showing appreciation from time to time to you.
Someone you helped is capable of buying houses, cars, and so many things for you. If you are a real spiritualist, you will know when someone you interceded for has gotten better. If you are a real spiritualist, you will know how to take what rightly belongs to you from him, if he fails to show you appreciation.
That's the reason why spiritualists should have other income-yielding jobs.
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