Thursday, 31 December 2015


Wow!!! The lady whose picture appears above is an archetypal combination of tantalizing beauty, exceeding and extraordinary brilliance, and very good character. She is a renowned and erudite Abuja-based registered nurse. Yes, she works in a reputable hospital in Abuja.

Would you like to know her name? Well, not now. We must confess that this lady is among the best single ladies in Nigeria in terms of maturity despite her very young age, disarming humility, submissiveness, being caring and fun to be with. Well, one should not be surprised owing to the fact that nurses were trained to be affectionate and compassionate.

When asked why she chose nursing as her career, she said: “My ambition to be a professional nurse started when I was a child. I derive joy and satisfaction from attending to and treating the sick and seeing to it that they recuperate.  I can say that God specifically anointed me for that purpose. Thank God, I have achieved the ambition of becoming a nurse. The process was not easy but when one is determined and passionate about what he or she is pursuing, success is certain. I have started making plans to specialize in psychiatric nursing because of the passion I have in rehabilitating the mentally deranged ones.  I will bag a PhD in nursing”

Her name is Nnenna Ugwoke and her direct line is: +2348066431613