Saturday, 3 September 2016


Fertilizer Producers & Suppliers of Nigeria (FEPSAN) is a national trade association set up to represent the needs and interests of fertilizer manufacturers, blending plants, major distributors, dealers and farmers in Nigeria.

FEPSAN strives to bring the following benefits to its members and the Nigerian agriculture:
Adopting best practice to provide valuable, reliable and timely data and monthly trade and market information to help members to anticipate changes in industry/market and to properly plan their businesses.
Lobby and advocate activities for better business environment for members.
Identify and communicate leading product safety initiatives, standards and regulations to members for finished products.
Linkage with sources of raw materials and market for finished products.
Business development services such as joint procurement, publicity, adverts and promotions and capacity building for members’ company staffs.
Representation of members’ interest at the federal, state and local levels and at fairs, exhibitions and shows.
Development of database for the industry and surveys to collect data and information for joint advocacy, advisory services, database development and for members’ business planning.

Membership of Fertilizer Producers & Suppliers of Nigeria (FEPSAN) is open to all registered companies under the law dealing with manufacturing, blending and distribution of good quality fertilizer. Other players in the fertilizer value chain may be considered as affiliate members.

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