Monday, 5 September 2016


“You had better return the money you collected from me. All you do is duping people. You are a disgrace to Daystar Christian Centre.” ~Victor Okoro

Those words above are not ours. They are the words of Victor Okoro, a fashion designer you met in a church called Daystar Christian Centre. You went to his shop for him to sow a cloth for you. While you were there, you talked him into incorporating a company in order to give his business a corporate identity and coaxed him to give you money to help him out. According to him, he gave you a huge sum of money and all you did was to bring some fake documents for him to fill, after some days. After many months, no company was incorporated for him and you refused to return his money.

He added that after making cloth for you, you collected it with a promise that you would pay him through his bank account the following day but defaulted. Up till today, you have not paid him. He still has the text message you sent to him showing how you liked the cloth he made for you.

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