Sunday, 26 February 2017


It is very unfortunate that majority of Nigerians like doing what will not add value to them every day and hate what will add value to them. Why is it so? Is it as a result of acute stupidity or illiteracy? Each time we, at Tectono Business Review, see people discussing and arguing over what happened in Big Brother Naija, we feel very bad. Some foolish media firms and hungry bloggers report what happens in that belittling reality show. Nigerians have enough to waste watching adults behaving like kids. The show is neither educative nor informative and only meant for people who have very low intelligence quotient. These people have very strong aversion for intellectual adventures.

There are many educative and informative programmes on television channels like CNBC, CNN and others. These are value-adding programmes where someone can get information that can make him very successful in his career. We must confess that we have lost count of what we have benefitted from watching a business channel called CNBC on a daily basis. We have watched Professors from Harvard Business School discussing important business strategies. We got to know a lot about brand, branding and brand management from a Professor of Marketing Communication at Stanford Business School who was interviewed on CNBC. We have also watched CEOs of top 500 companies in the world speak on their success strategies on CNBC. Alhaji Aliko Dangote’s interview on CNBC is still fresh on our memory. The list is endless. We do not have any reason to watch Big Brother Naija.

Some years ago, there used to be some business and entrepreneurship television reality shows like The Dragons’ Den, The Apprentice, The Entrepreneur etc. Let us reveal here that the founder of Tectono decided to go into corporate business after watching judges in The Dragon’s Den reality show like Ibukun Awosika, Chris Park, Alexander Amosun, John Momoh, Tokunbo Ismail, and Femi Tejuosho. These highly analytical and brilliant CEOs motivated Tectono boss a lot. What sort of motivation will someone get from watching Big Brother Naija?

Nigerians, why can’t these business and entrepreneurship television reality shows be sustained? Why do Nigerians have strong affinity for mediocrity? It is obvious that corporate bodies prefer doling out money to sponsor Big Brother Nigeria and other stupid reality shows. We still have a very long way to go in Nigeria. We weep for this country!!!

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