Sunday, 15 April 2018


Engineer Ndubuisi Emenike
Folks, can you recall the billionaire philanthropist, Engineer Ndubuisi Emenike, who disguised himself as a beggar and rewarded two people that gave him money handsomely? He is aspiring for Okigwe South House of representative seat. In this interview, he bared the achievements of Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation as well as his views towards the affairs of Imo State Government. Sit back and consume it.

Can we know you sir?
My name is Engineer Ndubuisi Emenike, founder, Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation. I am from Umuduru-Nsu in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria. I am a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO). I am a business mogul. I am into oil and real estate. To the glory of God, I am doing very well in the field of business. I am happily married with two lovely children (a boy and a girl).

What does Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation stand for and its achievements so far?
It's all about helping humanity and empowering the young people. It is targeted at giving succor to the downtrodden, and making lives worth living for them. Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation is also preparing the youths to seek for leadership awareness. I can authoritatively tell you that Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation has been existing since 2007.

Talking about achievements, they are numerous. We have done a lot in terms of agriculture, by providing funds to Imolites to start off agricultural best practices. Many are engaged in small scale farming, poultry, fishery, snailery, aquaculture. By the help of God, majority of the beneficiaries have started reaping its fruits. While most of them have improved farming outputs, others are now major distributors of eggs, among others. Through that, they can now boast of sustainable living. They can as well afford 3 square meals for their families, and it gives me joy.

In terms of school, we have helped many indigent children through scholarships. We have done a lot in terms of providing shelter, amenities, and clothing for them. For the unemployed graduates/undergraduates, Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation has continuously empowered thousands of Imolites and beyond. They are massively engaged in skills acquisition programs. Upon the completion of their training, we empower them with motorcycles, and start up tools/kits. We have actually done a lot, and we will still continue doing more as time goes on. We won't stop!

On health sector, the Foundation has the best health center built in Umuduru/ Umuopara Nsu in Ehime Mbano. We reach out 24hours to those in health challenges. We have paid lot of hospital bills of indigent patients who obviously couldn't afford the bills. My aim is to save lives, and that, I am gladly doing.

In all these capital intensive projects, what's your source of income?
I fund it personally from my business. And, I promise doing it till the day I leave this planet earth. It's what I want to do, and I must do it well. It is my passion.

It is on the news that you are nursing the ambition of Okigwe South Federal Seat by 2019. How true is that?
Yes very well. I want to run for 2019 Okigwe South Federal Constituency seat to represent my people, under the platform of our great party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) .

Why the confidence in APC?
I am confident in our party's free and fair policy. I have no doubts about our party's victory by 2019 following the achievements so far.

Don't you think your ambition can spring up enmity between you and the incumbent, Deacon Chike Okafor, having been brothers and friends for years?
Chike is my elder brother, and politics cannot bring quarrel between us. All we want is the betterment of Okigwe South.

Okay sir, what inspired your political aspiration?
It is simple. I want to do more for the people. I want to represent them at the National Assembly and make things more effective than it used to be. It doesn't mean things were totally redundant, but because of the passion for the course of service to humanity, I want to do more.

Your assessment of Governor Rochas Okorocha's led administration in Imo since 2011 to date.
Ehhhhh, leave politics aside, Rochas Okorocha has done well, more than every other governor in the history of this State. Apart from politics, Rochas is the best thing that has happened to Imo State. Believe me, Imo people will miss him (Rochas) after his tenure. He has done well, and nobody from the records we have had before now did more than Owelle. Owelle has done over 300%  more than every other person has done.

Having said that, what would you wish your State (Imo), regarding the choice of next governor?
I stand for a youth project. I stand that it's time for the youths to takeover. I am supporting Ugwumba Uche Nwosu 101% to become the next governor of Imo State. It is not about zoning, but who can do the work. I don't believe in zoning, rather I believe in who can do the work, who can effectively represent the youths.

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