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    (Professor of Clinical Psychology)
1.      DATE OF BIRTH:                                              August 15, 1960.
2.      SEX:                                                                 Female
3.      MARITAL STATUS:                                          Married
4.      NATIONALITY:                                                            Nigerian
5.      STATE OF ORIGIN:                                          Enugu
6.      LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA:                                    Nsukka
7.      E-MAIL:                                                 
8.      POSTAL ADDRESS:                                         Department of Psychology, ESUT, Enugu.
9.      CONTACT ADDRESS:                                      Department of Psychology, ESUT, Enugu.
10.  FACULTY:                                                        Social Sciences
11.  DEPARTMENT/ UNIT:                                                Psychology


a)      University:             University of Nigeria, Nsukka.                                    1982 – 1986
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.                                    1988 – 1992
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.                                    1992 – 2000
                  Qualifications:       B.Sc. (Second class Honours)
Upper Division, Psychology, UNN.                  1986
M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology), UNN                   1992
Ph.D (Clinical Psychology), UNN                     2000
b)      Secondary:            General Certificate of Education                    1981

i.         Asst. Lecturer, Enugu State University of Science
and Technology, Enugu.                                                                                        1992 – 1993

ii.             Lecturer II, Enugu State University of Science and
                                Technology, Enugu.                                                                                        1993 – 1996

                iii.            Lecture I, Enugu State University of Science and
                                Technology, Enugu.                                                                                        1996 – 1999

                   iv.      Senior Lecturer, Enugu State University of Science and
                                    Technology, Enugu.                                                                                               1999-2009

                 v.    Professor, Enugu State University of Science and Technology          2009 to date   
  vi       Part Time Lecturer University of Nigeria, Nsukka.                           1995 – 2004
vii.        External Examiner Madonna University, Okija                                 2004 -2007
            viii)        External Examiner Imo State University, Owerri                             2009 -2012
            ix)        External Examiner for Postgraduate Programme University
of Nigeria, Nsukka.                                                                             2015 -
x)         External Examiner for Postgraduate Programme Nnamdi
            Azikiwe University, Awka.                                                                   2015 -                                                     

Best Graduating Student of Psychology, 1986 Award, UNN
Best Female Graduating Student of Elizabeth Lord’s Award 1986, UNN.
Laureate of Social Science Academy Grant for Thesis Writing for PhD. 1998/1999


Fellow, Nigerian Psychological Association ( FNPA)
Corporate Member, Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists


I.                    President, Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists,
 South – East zone                                                                   2003 – 2006


i)                    Head, Department of Psychology,                                            2001 – 2007
ii)                  Head, Department of Psychology  ,                                          2008 – Jan.2013
iii)                Head, Department of Sociology & Anthropology,                  2010 – May 2012
iv)                Chairman, Certificate Verification Committee,
Faculty of the Social Sciences,                                    2001 – 2007
v)                  Member, Senate Examinations Committee,                            2001 – 2015   Member, Senate Curriculum Committee,                                 2005 - 2015

vi)                Member, Senate Ceremonials Committee,                               2010 – dates
vii)              Member, Senate Publications Committee,                                2010 – 2015
viii)            Member, Governing Council, Enugu State University of         2014- Feb. 2017
Science & Technology
ix)                Member, Committee on Training of Deans, Directors,          2016-
Heads of Departments and Senior Administrative Officers.
x)                  Member, Appraisals and Promotions Committee of ESUT    2016- Feb. 2017
Governing Council
xi)                Member, Finance and General Purposes Committee of        2016- Feb. 2017
ESUT Governing Council
xii)              Head, Department of Psychology                                           2017-March 2018
xiii)            Dean, Faculty of the Social Sciences                                      March 2018-
xiv)             Chairman, ASUU ESUT welfare committee                            2017-
xv)               Chairman, ASUU Cooperative Society                                    2017-

I have successfully supervised and still supervise Masters and Doctoral level students in Clinical Psychology.
i.                    Gender coping strategy and self-esteem as predictors of depression and the physically challenged: Ozoeze, N. Sylvanus  Pg./M.Sc./06/9281. 2009.

ii.                  The influence of length of marriage, gender and age on marital stress:
Anih Anthonia C. Pg.M.Sc./06/9470. 2009.
iii.                The influence of self-concept and years of marriage on anxiety among infertile women in ESUT Teaching Hospital, Enugu: Edwin A. Anieke Pg./M.Sc/06/9282. 2009

iv.                 Age, gender and locus of control and adherence to antiretroviral therapy among HIV/AIDS patients: Ogili, Christopher Uche Pg/M.Sc/06/8720. 2009.

v.                   Gender and job stress as factors in depression. Chikwendu Chimezie Emmanuel. ESUT/PG/Msc/2009/1127
vi.                 Influence of caffeinated substance and gender on sleep inhibitions and mental alertness among undergraduates. Okenyi Okwunwa Sabina. ESUT/PG/Msc/2010/11590

vii.               Effect of auditory processing therapy on attention span of persons with Down Syndrome. Gigina Onyeka Christian ESUT/PG/Msc/2010/11363

viii.             Self as a predictor of fear of success. Aboh Uche James. ESUT/PG/PhD/2006/9434

ix.                 Influence  of gender, educational and locality on relapse among schizophrenic patients. Chinawa Francis Chukwumeka. ESUT/PG/Ph.D/2008/10388
             X           Influence of coping strategies and marital conflict on depression among parents
                          Living with mentally retarded children. Mgbenkemdi, E.H. ESUT/Pg/09/11078.
                         and many others
I have supervised more than Four Hundred Undergraduate theses.


I.                    Member, Governing Council of DIRREM INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION and MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, Enugu Ezike, Enugu State
II.                  Chairman, Local Organizing Committee, 2003 Annual Scientific Conference and Workshop of Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologist
III.                Chairman, Local Organizing Committee 2009 Annual Scientific Conference and Workshop of Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologist.
IV.                President, Secular Order of the Discalced Carmelite, Our Lady Mother of Divine Grace fraternity Tabor Carmelite, Nsukka 2008 – 2016.
V.                  Vice-President, Catholic Women Organization, Amaeze-Owerre, Nsukka, 2005 – Date
VI.                Financial Secretary, St. Thomas Zone, St. Theresa’s Cathedral Parish, Nsukka, 1995 – 1999
VII.              Member, St Theresa’s Cathedral Station Council, Nsukka, 1994 – 1999
VIII.            Treasurer, Diocesan Committee on International Year of the Family, 1994.
IX.                Chairperson, St Theresa’s Cathedral Parish Committee on International Year of the Family, 1994
X.                  Member, Sacred Heart Society Bookshop Management Board, St Theresa’s Cathedral Parish, Nsukka, 1994 – 2000.
XI.                The Ideal Woman of the Year 2000: A Paper presented at Home – Abroad CWO meeting held in August 2000at St Theresa’s Cathedral’s Parish Nsukka.
XII.              Resource Person, Workshop for Local Government First of Nigeria, held at the Royal Guest House Enugu, 2005
XIII.            Resource Person: Robert Harrison Consulting Limited Workshop on HIV/AIDS for staff of First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Eastern Zone. Topic – Stress Management and Coping with HIV/AIDS, September 13 – 31, 2004.
XIV.            Stress Management: A paper presented at Enugu Diocesan Catholic Women Organization Conference held in August ,2013 at St Joseph’s Parish Emene, Enugu
XV.              Member, National Universities Commission Ad-hoc Committee on Accreditation of programmes,  2015-date
XVI.            Resource person for promotion interview for Academic Staff Federal Polytechnic Nekede, 2015

a)      Thesis:   
i.        The effect of educational level and sex on mental rotation among Igbo children               (B.Sc).     
                      ii.          Psychopathology in the Post – Partum Period (M.Sc)
iii.                Marital Conflict, Coping Strategies, Age and Psychopathology among Battered Women in Three Eastern Nigerian States (PhD)
b)     Books:
i.                    Eze J. E & Omeje O. (1999). Fundamentals of Substance Abuse, Snaaps,                       Enugu.

ii.                  Omeje O. & Agu M. N. (2004), Fundamentals of Psychology, Enugu: Offiaco Production. Enugu.

iii.                Omeje O. (2005). Physiological Psychology (2nd ed.): Glanic Books. Enugu

iv.                 Omeje O. (2011). Health Psychology at a Glance: Offiaco Production. Enugu

v.                   Ugwu L. I & Omeje O (1997). Determinants of Behavior. JOPAX Publishers. Enugu.

c)      Chapters in a Book:
i.                    Omeje O (1997). Psychological Strategies for Coping in a Depressed Economy, in S.I.     Udaba & R.O. Oji (Eds.). Transition in Depressed Economy 163 – 175.

ii.                  Omeje O(2000).Philosophical conceptualization of human behavior, In I I Iwuh (ed)  Basic concepts psychology.pp82-107,Enugu Magnet Business Enterprise.

iii.                Omeje O (2010). Change in Value System as correlates of re – branding Nigerian Programme: The Psychological dimension. In P. O Ebigbo, M. Ezenwa, B.C Agoha & J. Eze (eds.). The value system and the health of a nation. A book of   readings. Pp 67 – 72

iv.                 Omeje O. (2015). Psychologist As A Change Agent In H, Obi Nwosu & C.C. Ajaelu (ed). Mentoring and Academic Development. Awka: SCOA HERITAGE NIGERIA LTD. 100-122
d)     Journal Articles
i.                    Anih, A.C. Ozor, T.O & Omeje O. (2015). Eroded Family Values: The bane of Africa underdevelopment. Nigerian Psychological Research. 3, 332-341

ii.                  Gigina, C.O, Mgbenkemdi, E.H. and Omeje, O. (2015). Effect of auditory
processing therapy on attention span of persons with down syndrome.  
International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Review. 5(1).

Iii    Mgbenkemdi, H.E., Omeje, O. & Eze, S.G.N. (2017). Influence of coping strategies on depression among parents living with mentally retarded children. ( Down Syndrome). International Journal of Social Science Invention (IJHSSI), 6 (3). Pg 34-50. 6 issue 3/march 2017// pp.34-50.

      iv    Omeje O. (1992). Psychological Treatment of Secondary Infertility. Journal of        Human   Behavior (1) L 1-8.

v    Omeje, O. (1998). Psychopathology in Postpartum Period in a Nigerian Sample.  ESUT Journal of Social Sciences. 1(1). 120 – 130.

Vi  Omeje O (2002). Domestic Violence: A predictor of Psychopathology among
battered women in three Eastern Nigerian States. Nigerian Journal of Social   Science Development. 1(1) 78 – 81.

Vii Omeje O (2004). Coping Strategies in etiology of Psychopathology among battered   women in the three Eastern Nigerian States. ESUT Journal of Social Sciences    1(1) 87 – 96.

Viii Omeje O (2006). The Dilemma of Conflict in Marriages. ESUT Journal of Social  
Sciences. (1) 1 29 – 37.

Ix Omeje, O. (2007). Stress and Coping with HIV/AIDS, ESUT Journal of Psychological Studies. (2)1 79 – 91.

X  Omeje, O. (2007). Psychological assessment in leadership selection: Implications for national development. Practicum Psychologia. 1(1) 32 – 39.

Xi Omeje, O (2009). Treatment of Thanatophobia using Systematic Desensitization. African Journal of Psychotherapy. Vol. 1(1) 1 – 4.

Xii Omeje O (2010). Psychological Strategies for curbing corruption in Nigerian
educational institution for youth development. Practicum Psychologia. (2)2    
49    – 56.
Xiii Omeje O. (2010). Coping Strategies in infertility management. The Nigerian
Academic forum. 19(3), 95 – 99.

Xiv Omeje O (2010). Psychological assessment: An indispensable part of educational process of human capital development. LIT Academic Journal 1(1) 127 – 134

Xv Omeje O (2010). The influence of personality types on adherence to treatment  regimen among hypertensive patients. A Multidisciplinary Journal on  sustainable  Development. 6(4)206-220.

Xvi Omeje O & Nebo C. (2011). Influence of locus of control on adherence to treatment regimen. Patient preference and adherence. Available at  

xvii Omeje, O. & Ogili, C (2012). Gender difference in adherence to antiretroviral
 therapy among HIV/ AIDS patients in Enugu-Ezike, Enugu State, Nigeria.
 African Journal of Social Sciences. 2 (1), 710.

xviii Omeje, O. (2012). Work-family- conflict and general wellbeing of mothers in the  banking sector. International Journal of Research Development. 59-69.

Xix Omeje, O. (2012): Influence of gender on health-seeking behavior of adults in Enugu metroSpolis. Global Journal of Applied Management and Social Sciences. 3, 14-20.

Xx Omeje, O. (2015). Work- family conflict: predictor of marital satisfaction of
          mothers in the banking sector. Global Journal of Applied Management   
         and Social Sciences. 8, 80-85.

       xxi   Omeje,O, Chikwendu C.E & Nwagbo ,I L. (2016).Religiosity and conflict     resolution strategies  as predictors of marital satisfaction.  Nigerian  Psychological Research   4, 608-616

xxii    Ozioko J.O.C & Omeje O (2003). The effect of educational level and sex on    mental  rotation among Igbo (Nigerian) Children. ESUT Journal of Psychological   studies. 1(1) 72 – 82.

Xxiii  Ozor T. O., Anih A. & Omeje O. (2016). Influence of job stress and marital status on job attitude among Nigerian medical doctors. International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Review 6(2), 123 – 130. Available at

Xxiv Ozor, T. O., Mgbenkemdi, E.H., & Omeje, O. ( 2016). Work-family conflict as correlate of burnout among married female nurses. Global Journal of Apllied Management and Social Science 12, 148-156.


                                                                                      i.      Have attended conferences within and outside the country. E.g. Annual Scientific Workshop and Conference by Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists, Federal Neuropsychiatric H
                                                                                    ii.      Hospital, Enugu, September 2009. Presented a paper titled: Change in values as correlates of rebranding Nigeria Programme: The Psychological Dimension.
ii.       4th Annual Colloquium of the Network for African scholars at Strathmore        Business School, Nairobi Kenya, 28th – 30th April, 2011. Presented a paper titled: Work-Family conflict: predictor of marital satisfaction and general wellbeing of working mothers in the banking sector.
                Iii      Annual Conference of Nigerian Psychological Association held at The University
                          Of Nigeria, Nsukka. 25-29 November 2014.   


I certify that the information given by me in all the above sections are correct.
 Professor Obiageli Omeje PhD                   Signed                                                  3/10/16
NAME                                                                   SIGNATURE                                                        DATE

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