Thursday, 4 July 2019


ExxonMobil and Global Thermostat have signed a joint development agreement to advance technology capable of capturing and concentrating carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources, including power plants, and the atmosphere.

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The companies will evaluate the potential scalability of Global Thermostat’s carbon capture technology for large industrial use. If technical readiness and scalability are established, pilot projects at ExxonMobil facilities could follow.

Vijay Swarup, vice-president of research and development for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, said, “Advancing technologies to capture and concentrate carbon dioxide for storage and potential industrial use is among a suite of ExxonMobil research programmes focused on developing lower-emissions solutions to mitigate the risks of climate change.”

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ExxonMobil and Global Thermostat are also exploring opportunities to identify economic uses for captured carbon dioxide.

Peter Eisenberger, chief technology officer and co-founder of Global Thermostat, commented, “Scaling solutions that can address climate change globally requires significant investment, innovation and collaboration. Global Thermostat’s direct-air capture and flue gas capture technologies offer a way to transform the risks associated with carbon dioxide emissions into a global solution that could satisfy both business and environmental objectives. By partnering with ExxonMobil, we’re harnessing the expertise and capabilities of one of the world’s largest energy companies to accelerate our ability to realise that vision.”

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ExxonMobil’s partnership with Global Thermostat expands the company’s collaborative efforts with other companies and academic institutions focused on developing new energy technologies, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. (Oil Review Africa)

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