Monday 15 April 2024


Pius works in the accounts department of a multinational company domiciled in Lagos.He has a degree in accounting from a federal university with a second class (upper division).
He is married to the love of his life he met during his university days. The married has produced three children who have started primary school. His wife is a teacher in one of the privates schools in Lagos mainland.
Pius and his wife love themselves so much, but enormous financial pressure is on him. He has got so many bills to pay, but he receives meagre salary, despite working in a multinational company.
A certain boss of his sat on his promotion for several years. He sat for and obtained international certifications in accounting like ACCA and ACA. He equally got certified in the use of some accounting softwares.
He got all those certifications in order to catalyze his promotion, but all to no avail. His family had to skip meals for him to have enough savings to sit for the certification examinations.
Pius has been applying for jobs in other companies, but none has employed him. He and his wife resorted to seeking the face of God for an intervention in his condition. They prayed, fasted and met different men of God.
In the church, on a certain Sunday, his pastor called him out and told him that his Goliath had fallen. He claimed it. After a month, news filtered in that the boss that sat on Pius' promotion had been transferred and a certain woman had been brought  to replace him.
It was like a dream for Pius. As soon as his new boss resumed, he met her and presented his case to her. She was inundated with empathy. She promised to use her position in the company to effect his promotion threefold, in view of his qualifications.
All of a sudden, the woman became very nice to him. One day, she called him into her posh office and expressed her love for him. According to her, she fell in love with Pius the first time she set her eyes on him. She made it explicit to him that she would only help him in pushing for his promotion, if he agrees to date her. The woman is married to a very rich man who is into maritime business.
Pius loves his wife so much and has never cheated on her. He equally needs the triple promotion, in view of the financial crunches he is facing. He is confused.
He is reading the comments. So, suggest to him the better decision.

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