Thursday 18 April 2024


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Last Monday, I was in the middle of a conference meeting with my Dubai and Indian colleagues when I got a call from a line that wasn't saved on my phone. I rejected the call three times. When the call became persistent, I had to tell the caller to call back in two hours' time.

It was as if he knew exactly when the meeting was concluded because he called back as soon as I left the meeting and was trying to continue with the business of the day.

"Chief Emeka, e don happen," he said as soon as I picked the call.

Although his voice sounded familiar, I could not regurgitate exactly where I had heard such a voice. I demanded to know who was on the line.

"This is Engr. Paul from Abuja, the one who called you concerning his dream symbol,' he replied.

At that point in time, I regurgitated who he was. Paul is an Abuja-domiciled electrical appliances and solar power systems dealer. His company is into partnership deals with three foreign producers of those products. He is a successful businessman in all ramifications.

If you can recall, I packaged an article on DREAM last August. The article is still on my timeline. In the article, I explained thoroughly what dream was all about, with a special emphasis on dream symbols. I explained that two different people could see the same thing in the dream state and they will have different meaning because of different dream symbols.

I criticized pastors that published books on dream interpretation. Seeing rats in the dream cannot make the same meaning to two different people. I suggest that you read the eye-opening article.

Two days after packaging the article, I got a call from Paul. He shared with me how he had a dream experience where Tibunu came to his main shop to buy so many products worth millions of naira that he had just imported and paid him cash. He said that in that dream, he was surprised about how that favour came and he became annoyed when he woke up and discovered that it was just a dream.

He consoled himself with the belief that his company would soon have a presidential patronage. I made him to understand that Tibunu was just a dream symbol domiciled in his subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is the connection between an individual and the spiritual world.

The spiritual realm controls the physical realm and anything that will happen to you must happen, first of all, in the spiritual realm before manifesting in the physical realm, unless you are able to stop it in the spiritual realm.

Your subconscious mind must show you anything that has happened in the spiritual realm in form of dream with symbols already stored in your subconscious mind. You need to read that previous article to understand this very well.

"Apart from being the president, what comes to your mind anytime you see Tibunu on television or social media?" I asked him.

I gave him 24 hours to think about it and revert. He called the following day and told me the real image of Tibunu in his subconscious mind. I cannot share what he told me here. I gave him some subsets of Psalm 119 arranged in a particular way to read and meditate on by 3:00am for seven days, coupled with 6:00am to 12:00pm fasting. I cannot share here what the prayer was anchored on.

I also told him to scrutinize all financial transaction and minimize giving out products on credit. Equally, I told him not to jump at any new deal without carefully analyzing it, no matter who was involved.

After about a month, his friends brought a foreign oil investment deal that tripled their investments. Three of his friends had invested N50M each which fetched them N150M. They were planning to plough back both the capital and profit into the investment in order to make N450M each. So, they wanted him to start with N50M investment. He was on the verge of sending the sum of N50M when he regurgitated the advice I gave him. He politely turned down the offer to participate and his friend went ahead with it.

After investing the sum of N150M each in the foreign oil investment, it was discovered that the foreign oil investment firm was nowhere to be found. A certain day, owners of the company took all their important document and went away, leaving behind everything in their office. They cannot be reached on the phone and their website is down. This is a well-planned fraud and Paul was very lucky to come across my article and got saved from it.

Imagine what would have happened if he didn't read my article? He would have jumped at the investment deal. Imagine, also, if I had not written that article. Folks, it is very important to share your knowledge on social media because you will not know how many people that will be helped with it.

If you check the comment section of the previous article, you will see bashing comments from soldiers of Jesus.

An article I packaged on MONEY RITUAL equally saved a certain Igbo man domiciled in Lome from being defrauded of N1.8M that a certain native doctor told him to pay for oke -ite to be prepared for him.

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