Sunday 28 April 2024


If you are considering investing enormously in #realestate, take a good look at this story and give an intelligent answer to the question following it.
Chief Larry and Dr. Ubaka are very successful people in all ramifications. Their friendship started during their days in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
In addition to being age-mates, they were roommates at Eni-Njoku Hostel of the university. While Chief Larry studied #Economics, Dr. Ubaka studied #Medicine and #Surgery. Despite the fact that Dr. Ubaka left for the Enugu campus of the university where medical students go after their first year in Nsukka, he kept coming to Nsukka campus to see his friend and former roommate.
They kept visiting each other till Chief Larry graduated first and went for his #NYSC program. They continued communicating until they met themselves again in the same area of Lagos.
Contemporarily, Chief Larry is a successful #businessman and #investmentbanker. He founded his #finance #consultancy firm, after working for excess of 15 years in Access Bank .  Dr. Ubaka is a successful #consultant #gynaecologist who runs his own specialist clinic and also works in a federal hospital.
Two of them still hang-out together.  They also discuss real estate investment. With the help of an #estatesurveyor, two of them got 10 plots of land each in the same location along Lekki-Epe expressway.
Contemporarily, Dr. Ubaka is completing his storey-building housing 40 flats for rent. At the same location Chief Larry is also completing his event centre and guest house.
The event centre has 5 multipurpose halls and 3 well designed open spaces for all ramifications of events. The guest house has 30 rooms.
The question is, between Dr. Ubaka and his best friend, Chief Larry, who do you think took a better decision on what they did with the 10 plots of land they got each.
Kindly give reasons for your answer. 

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