Monday, 30 July 2018


Paul Twitchell
By Paul Twitchell
"Soul, the Atma Sarup, is the natural body of man, which the vast majority of the species Homo Sapiens have forgotten how to use properly in the many ages of dwelling on this planet. Spiritual teachers, saints and others have learned how to accomplish soul traveling, that is, journeying to etheric realms in the Atma Sarup, and has taught it to those interested in visiting the heavenly kingdoms.

"Soul travel is known by various names, e.g., soul projection, separation of spirit from the body, out-of-the-body experience, and spiritual traveling, to name a few. Its purpose is mainly to enable the soul to leave the physical body, travel through the higher spiritual worlds, and eventually arrive at its ultimate destination - the Anami Lok, the word for the nameless region, or true heaven, wherein dwells the SUGMAD, God.

"I could come and go in the soul body at an age when most children are not aware of what is going on around outside themselves, but my soul traveling was a fact generally kept secret. In accordance with the ancient idea that talk brings about trouble with those who do not know of spiritual works, the members of our family remained silent. We were all able to move in and out of our bodies, except my foster mother, who frowned on the practice. Only my half-sister and I discussed it, and she, being several years older, taught me the art of soul travel when I was at the age of three. By the time I met my first teacher, Sudar Singh, of Allahabad, India, at age fourteen, getting out of the body was as natural as eating. However, in the time between my introduction to this eminent guru and the present, a lot of spiritual polishing had to be done, and I had to gain a necessary and deeper understanding of soul travel.

"The conclusion which I finally reached is that anyone can practice soul travel, whether he is under a spiritual teacher or not, although it is always better to have a guru in order to save the wear on oneself which would naturally come about in the trial-and-error method of self-teaching. Some students follow an inner master, who never shows himself on this plane in the physical form; others will find a guru in the earthly body, who spends much of his time on all planes, teaching his chelas how to leave the body, and helping them if they become entangled in a morass of psychic difficulties..."  (Culled from The Key To Secret Worlds)

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