Thursday, 5 July 2018


Senator Ayogu Eze
By Friday Odo
July 6, 2018 will be a date of history. A day the landscape, political machineries in Enugu state will stand agog to await the outcome of the legal tussle, a battle of wheat between the Governor of Enugu state, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, and Senator Ayogu Eze. It is a judgment which many gladiators sees as one that will break the camel's back and quench the taste or eventually quench these chaos and strengthen the political fortunes in some quarters.

We see doggedness play in Senator Ayogu Eze. We see in him determination. We see courage summoned all in a bid to pursue the part of justice which he deemed justifiable. On the other side of the dice, we see Governor Ugwuanyi vigorously defend a mandate bestowed on him by the people of Enugu state that he enjoys their praises and goodwill owing to his massive developmental strides scattered all over the state.

Senator Eze, on the other hand sees it as one snatched from him which he vowed to take back, even as Ugwuanyi holds it and never want to relinquish even to his most trusted ally. The legacy of Ugwuanyi culminates to his praises and speaks volumes even to the deaf and dumb.

Ugwuanyi has done a lot in terms of human capital development which in turn has earned him a load of legacy ready to charm even the most isolated and ferocious demon. He who feels cheated or short changed, as the case may be, seeks to pursue justice no matter how illusive it might be. Even if it matters denting a structure set up by God, commissioned from heaven for the emancipation of mankind from the shackles of poverty.

The governor is indeed a God sent. To many, he is a phenomenon worthy of a case study probably to ascertain the root from which his inspiration springs which is worthy of emulation. Benjamin Franklin once said, “A person who cannot move into the middle of the town square to express his or her views without fear of arrest, physical harm or imprisonment is living in a fear society not in a free society.”

This brings us to the fore-burner of our views in the face of this obvious fact which continues to linger. Senator Ayogu Eze, if eventually you win your case at the apex court, please remember to live a life of goodwill and legacy which Ugwuanyi continues to enjoin and holds fame till date. His landmark achievement stands tall, which in turn culminates into history that cannot be erased in the committee of nations. Sir, we urge you to emulate these footsteps thereby writing your name on a footprint that can stand the test of time which in turn culminates into your own legacy.

We await the verdict of the court which decide were the pendulum swings. We beg not to be seen as mere praise singers on the paycheck of any political party. We stand to be seen as ones who are propelled by an inner being which culminates into stimulus, which in turn propels our write-ups irrespective of whose ox is gored. We are not our politicians who lick up their principal's rump, just for a paycheck. Instead, we lick up from our knowledge and skills garnered over the years to obtain paychecks.

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