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Bulus Nnamdi Ndu
By: Bulus Nnamdi Ndu
In the simple politics of memory, there may not be clear-cut boundaries and no precise beginnings and endings as to where and how we started and where we are headed, but above and beyond primal concern with politics, the most creative analysis of local politics is that even in the best of circumstances, marked by good politicking, there are events that often come around to the point of view that while certain segment of a political unit reinforces and consolidates on their advancement and progress, some are seen fighting for survival in a scrambled environment that, in a sense, does not divide itself per se, but cleanly divided by people inhabiting it.

I emphasize the above point to emphasize further the dangerous dimension of the emerging habit and thinking on the political structure in Obollo that accounts for everything that is wrong with us, which have made it much worse than it would have been otherwise, and would continue to fester if we fail to unite to renew and preserve our future by restarting a new pattern of behaviour and thinking. To see through the narrow boundaries to which we are now moving is to see clearly the underlying flaws that open up strips of such thinking and habits.

About the thinking and habits: The thinking is that Obollo has the number and since democracy is politics of numerals, we have allowed this thinking to blossom in the widespread conceit that we can easily dictate the pulse and pace of Udenu politics, and unfortunately this thinking, for the most part, doesn’t hold of out convincingly anymore since our politics is emblematic of a reverse democracy where the “big man” decides for “us”.

The habit, however, is that Obollo is bound together by complex network of people where majority are by instinct more attune to the idea of throwing “principle” to the wind and selling any “interest” to the highest bidder, and therefore stand for nothing. This of course can stand for two things, only one of which will support the argument better: That for Obollo, a town seeking the remaking of a battered image and escape from “political rape”, the potentially most dangerous forces against her are not necessarily the ones from the “outsider” who entice us in time of campaigns how his great-grand mother had lived with us; but to critically mull over the issue is to feel even more relax in the acceptance that we are where we are and things are the way they are due to the fault lines between the people and the town. This is a way of saying that we are our own enemy!

Fast forward to 2019:The coming election year is generating predictions that “Obollo” may pick the ticket from either the ruling PDP or the opposition APC for the Udenu local council’s seat in the State Assembly. The validity of this is the extent to which the predictions turn out to be accurate at the end of the day. But at the basic level of assumptions is the likelihood of it coming off true. I like to thank the good people of Obollo for their resolve; I also thank Hon. Chinedu Onuh for his friendship and support. In the main, whatever the direction in which we can push this, we need to ask one other question: What are the expectations? I ask this question considering the juxtaposition of a rapidly growing people and a slowly developing town.

If we must move beyond the bounded reality, I am inclined to argue that the first task of whoever gets elected to represent us, and for being the highest ranking political officer from Obollo will be to first give expression internally to cultural patterns which implies the cultural coming together of Ndi Obollo to provoke a consciousness and acceptance that Obollo is a project that that need to be worked on. Also is the need to see such opportunity as a medium to provide a platform from which to support so many “betrayed interests”, and as a time to strike a balance between the wrongs of the past and our future dreams of a prosperous Obollo.

In the light of the forgoing, I wish ,therefore, to express my gratitude and appreciation to His Excellency, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, for his good works and for being a gentleman all along; and a gentleman in this sense could also mean a test of his resolve and his sense of judgment in knowing the good and the wrong. I have argued and if this piece aspire to achieve anything, it should essentially be to draw the attention of His Excellency to a “political document” which he was signatory to, and which has over the years facilitated and contributed to the smooth sharing of elective positions in Udenu Local government area, and within which the people of Udenu North draw their strength to justify their claims why the House of Assembly slot should be zoned to them and here is why: For administrative convenience and for sake of equity, Udenu local government area is divided along the following:

UDENU NORTH (Obollo, Amalla and Ogbodu Aba)[Number of shot at State Assembly>None].

OLD ISI-UZO (Obollo-Eke)[Chief Willy UgwuOkpe>Obollo-Eke>4yrs/1979-1983]. Hon. Emma Agbo-2yrs(1991-93); Hon.Igadike O Igadike-2yrs(1991-93).

UDENU SOUTH( Orba and Udunedem Devt.Centres)[1999-2019>20yrs.

Given the above analysis, and even without referring to the said “document”, conventional wisdom demands that the next Assembly Man must come from Udenu North that commands nearly 40% votes in Udenu Local government area. In view of this, I humbly request His Excellency as an upright man to see reason with us and hearken to the voice of reason.

God Bless Enugu State!

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