Saturday 11 August 2018


Prince Dr. Emeka Mamah
Udenu/Igbo-Eze North Federal Constituency House of Representatives aspirant under the platform of Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Dr. Emeka Mamah, has made it clear that when elected, one of the things he would do would be to act as an educator and communicator who enlighten his constituency on prevailing government policies and communicates progress of programmes to them while also helping them to tap into such policies for the betterment of life and living.

The great Prince of Ugbaike Kingdom who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ifesinachi Group of Companies, stated this in Enugu while addressing Udenu youths resident in Enugu that paid him an unscheduled visit.

The Manchester Business School-trained business manager also averred that whereas he acknowledges that the primary role of legislator is to make laws, "it is an incontrovertible fact that they are elected to represent certain geographical areas and constituents which make them a link between government and the people. To such extent, they actually enable society develop and prosper by the quality of laws that they make and by engaging in other pronounced interventions which influence the Federal Government, State Government as well as Donor Agencies to beam their torchlights on his constituency and site basic infrastructures and facilities that help constituents develop to the fullest of their potentials."

This he said will be his cardinal focus even while engaging his primary role of making laws.
He further used the opportunity to clarify that "whereas our electorates must know that it is not the role of the legislator to build roads, hospitals or schools, a legislator is supposed to participate in making the kind of laws that can enable the quick and efficient delivery of those services to prosper society at large.”

Prince Mamah, who is known for his oratory prowess, added that his strong forte would be his closeness with many power brokers in and outside government circles who have what it takes to wield influence on the Executive to get things done. While tapping into such an amazing array of influential friends, he said, "I will strengthen my capacity as a team player, a good listener and a bridge builder between the old and young to pursue peace and progress and activate seamless flow of feedbacks as no man can boast of a monopoly of knowledge."

On youth inclusion in politics and leadership, the doctorate degree holder from Irish Business School held that "at no other time than now has the issue of youth inclusion in politics and leadership gained more currency, especially with the not too young to run bill approved and signed into law. In this direction, I will be personally sponsoring a bill and pursuing legislations that will look at and modify the existing leadership recruitment procedure of political parties to make them more emphatic and pronounced in youth leadership roles because only then can our youths be leveraged to become functional members of our societies. Nigerias problem is not just leadership but leadership recruitment that targeted only lackeys, hangers on and acolytes regardless of qualification or not.

Ide, as Prince Mamah is fondly called by his admirers, also decried the existing scenario where we elect a legislator and loose him to the legislature, breaking every nexus between him and the electorates on the altars of egoistic miscalculations. He acknowledged the views of Edmund Burke in his new praxis of thought that you choose a member of the legislature, indeed; but when you have chosen him, he is not a member of Bristol, but he is a member of parliament as consistent with the rules but averred that not everything that is legal stands for what is expedient. He stated clearly that a legislators belongs primarily to the constituents that elected him and to that extent owes them allegiance, in thoughts and actions because every politics is utterly local.

Therefore he said, "My legislative functions would not severe me from my constituents. It rather will strengthen my relationship with them. I will always make a tour to the people to find out what they need and prime my representation to represent their overriding goods. To do this I will periodically convoke town hall meetings involving the political class, market leaders, NGO's, church bodies, Town Union Leaders, Royal fathers, women and youth organizations to present my plans and actions and subject same to a critical overviews for seamless traction and execution as the people must have a say in how they are led"

Speaking during the courtesy visit, Obinna Ijele, who led the youths said that the "youths are concerned and worried stiff that whereas His Excellency Governor Ugwuanyi is determined to see that every nooks and crannies of the state feel the impact of governance, our elected representatives with exception of a few have chosen to look the other way, instead of keying into such development strides. They carry on as if they aren't accountable to the people anymore." Concluding, Ijere expressed the confidence of the youths of Udenu that Prince Mama has the charm, Charisma and candour to strike a great difference.

In his remarks, Chizoba Ugwueze stated that since "Legislative work is a career, nurtured by experience, passion to serve the common and public good rather than a desire to prosper individual interest, Udenu youths firmly believe that Prince Emeka Mama has paid his dues in the private sector, requited himself as an astute manager of men and resources and thus will be more disposed to salvage Udenu/ Igbo Eze North Constituency, and place her among the leading constituencies in South East Nigeria." He commended Prince Mama for presenting himself to serve the people and conveyed the prayers of Udenu youths for God to anoint him with power he seeks for the greater and nobler service of our people.

In his response, Prince Mama, who was visibly excited, thanked the youths for finding in him someone they can trust to take the constituency to the next and higher levels of success. He ended by appreciating all stakeholders in the state for their amazing contributions to the peace and progress of the state. He also praised all those who at various times had represented the constituency in one way or another.

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