Monday 27 August 2018


Onyekachi Ugwu
Keen observers will agree with Tectono Business Review that the online media campaign coordinators of the representative of Udenu/Igbo-Eze North Federal Constituency in the lower chambers of the national assembly are grossly incompetent. They cannot even sell themselves, let alone selling their principal to the electorate. What they do on a daily basis is posting fictitious pictures of constituency projects done by their boss.

Our constituents cannot be fooled because they are aware that those projects only exist on Facebook. Constituency projects cannot be said to be an achievement owing to the fact that money for such projects were shared equally to all House of Representatives members. We are interested in seeing human and infrastructural developmental projects he has been able to attract to the constituency with his influence and connections.

Having realized that the lies they peddle on Facebook on a daily basis do not work, those incompetent media coordinators have resorted to crass campaign of calumny against those opposed to the reelection of their principal. They have even threatened the publisher of Tectono Business Review. They always go by the maxim that ‘Integrity Speaks.’ We all know that integrity cannot coexist with insincerity.

Let us state it unequivocally again that Hon. Dennis Agbo is unmarketable to the constituents of Udenu/Igbo-Eze Federal Constituency. The Enugu State chapter of People Democratic Party (PDP) should know that giving him ticket is tantamount to dashing out the constituency to either APC or APGA. In this write-up, the veteran political wordsmith, Onyekachi Ugwu, further exposes the incompetence and inadequacy of those online media coordinators. Relax and consume it.

How do you know defeated media men? When they throttles on in epileptic fit of throwing lame jabs, punctuating every of their responses with phrases like, Selfish people, sycophantic people, losing group, few haters and so on and so forth.

You can hardly make meaning out of their writings, because regardless all struggles, they keep trudging on and paddling their campaign canoe upstream with broken paddles. Their followers hardly help, though they try daily to make headway. They too, like their headmaster, lack the grit, brain and firepower to raise the bar of issue canvassing and public debate

It is not about accepting the job of a media coordinators, but about having the remotest knowledge of what the job is all about, and knowing how to set agenda, and when to and where to. It is about being in the lead, determining issues to engage public debates and elicit the kind of responses desired. It is about harnessing and aggregating feedbacks and using same to engender conclusions. It is not about coming on to defend and weep and curse, and getting everything on a wrong footing.

Social media has proven itself as a veritable tool in the hand of marketers: be it goods and services or political marketing. It has also exposed us to the theatrics of inauthentic people whose forte is projecting false emotion or covering a real one. The nonverbal and verbal behaviors of such people begin to misalign once they step out to churn their conundrum of falsehood, their infantile rantings and bogus claim of achievement that exist only in the imagination.

Reading them, it evidently pans out that their facial expressions don’t match the words they write. Their postures are out of sync with their write ups. At such times, and as has become commonplace they no longer move in harmony with each other; they disintegrate into cacophony....each member of the team speaking out of turn.

When canvassing and or even responding to issues becomes borne out of anger rather than a dedicated commitment to dispel or correct an impression, mistakes cover the tarmac like tar. Conveniently, words don't mean what they say anymore.

This idea is not exactly new. In fact, Darwin proposed it: “A man when moderately angry, or even when enraged, may command the movements of his body, but … those muscles of the face which are least obedient to the will, will sometimes alone betray a slight and passing emotion.”

Simply put, lying — or being inauthentic — is hard work. And it’s even becoming of a more helluva dimension in the run up to the primary election to determine who flies the flag of PDP in the House of Representatives election of Udenu/Igbo-Eze North Constituency.

It’s amusing nevertheless to see the traducers of campaigners against non-performance resort to media bullying. It’s laughable that unlike a bull they don't consider their object for bullying. Even a bull doesn't bulky a lion. So bullying isn’t going to work.

A resort to lying about everything won't work either. They lied about automatic ticket. For weeks they hung it on their weary neck like a scaremental. But it won't work.

When people lie, they are juggling multiple narratives: what they know to be true, what they want to be true, what they are presenting as true, and all the emotions that go along with each — fear, anger, guilt, hope.

All the while, they are trying to project a credible image of themselves and their principal, which suddenly becomes very, very difficult. Their beliefs and feelings are in conflict with themselves and each other because deep down their soul they know that the image they seek to portray of their principal is false.

Full of guilt, they resort to labeling those campaigners with every kind of badge they can imagine in their hearts. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that their new narratives won't stick either, because society is already awash with the truth and would not buy into such calumny campaigns, which they come up with in other to remain afloat and by so doing whittle the gains we have made.

In all, Udenu/Igbo-Eze North Constituency is becoming ripe like pomegranate, sweet looking and inviting.

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