Sunday, 19 August 2018


Prince Dr. Emeka Mamah
By Enugu Journalist
Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), a renowned political philosopher cum a leader of the utilitarian school of thought averred that the purpose of the state, perfect society, good leadership as well as effective representation should be geared towards the realization of "greatest happiness for the greatest number". According to him, "create all happiness you are able to create, remove all misery you are able to remove", hence this is the foundation of morality & ideal society. Even the Holy Bible advocates that the haves should make the have-nots happy by providing for them in a spirit of philanthropy rather than leaving them groaning & die in penury or hardship.

The consistent & relentless display of bringing greatest happiness to the greatest number of people in the society describes Prince Dr. Emeka Mamah (IDE). He is a rare gem, a quintessential philanthropist, a succour giver, a doctor of human development & infrastructural development, a dogged comrade, a God-fearing politician, a grass root mobilizer, a social crusader, a man of justice, a magnate, a kindhearted young man, a true son of the soil, a handsome youth, an epitome of humility and indeed a jene-sais-quoi.

I don't want to talk about the academic qualifications of Prince Dr. Emeka Mamah, of course, he is a graduate with MBA and a doctorate degree, hence very well educated. Also, I don't wish to talk about the chieftaincy titles he has acquired, of course, too numerous to adumbrate. I still don't want to talk about the political positions he has held in the past, of course, such does not guarantee effective representation or good leadership. Suffice it to say that leadership ingenuity is innate & as well a gift from divinity. My utmost concern rather is the magnanimity & humanitarian services he has rendered to the people as well as his enormous contributions to the transmogrification of the society. Indubitably, this gentleman has paid his dues & deserves to be extolled & recommended for representation or leadership.

It is no longer a news that doing good to make the people happy is the hobby of Prince Dr.Emeka Mamah. He is an employer of labour & has set up businesses for over 30 youths to establish them, make them self-reliant and to alleviate poverty & unemployment among the youths.

Prince Mamah has made all these avalanche of achievements at his 30s with his personal money as a business mogul before occupying any political position. It is logical and convincing that he will do greater than this if he occupies political position. In other words, Prince Mamah as a successful businessman did not join partisan politics for/as an eldorado or to get richer, but to continue his business of touching lives positively in a greater fold.

Everything man does has rewards and it is time to reciprocate with our holy weapons (PVCs) come 2019. Therefore, the declaration of Prince Dr. Emeka Mamah to represent Udenu/Igboeze North Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber is a round peg in a round hole.

The people are happy for all these gestures and it's time to relinquish our mandates to this young youth (but not too young to run) who has distinguished himself and has the interest of the people at heart in order to ameliorate our politically decayed society.

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