Wednesday 22 August 2018


Onyekachi Ugwu
For some days now, constituents of Udenu/Igbo-Eze North have been inundated with the falsehood that the national working committee of the People Democratic Party (PDP) had given all members of the national assembly automatic ticket to be reelected come 2019. Obviously, this crass fib emanated from the camp of a member representing the above federal constituency, Hon. Dennis Agbo.

Consequently, in this write-up, the great political wordsmith, Onyekachi Ugwu, corrects that erroneous and specious impression. Sit back and enjoy it.

They claim I talk as if I know anything. But I maintain that whenever I talk, it is from the depth of what I know to be true (not even in relative sense). Whenever they come smoking and exhaling these lines of frustration, I smile, knowing that the truth is sinking and dawning on them by the day.

However, I can only understand that such terse conclusion is their own style of blackmail designed to cajole me and inject doubt in the minds of my political audience. One thing they failed to even appreciate is that while I was with them, they held me as a cult figure and swallowed my words with the voraciousness of an over famished lioness. They hailed each input by intoning Kpokponge Kpokponge with ceaseless relish in adulation.

At such times they consulted me morning and night and even relied on me to know a thing or two. Back then, they did not remember that I was a POLITICAL NOBODY, a flank and side politician whose voice is heard only by him.

After some few moments of deeper reflections, I can only but conclude that their actions, today, signal the truth about their frustration and obvious confusion of mind. At such times, lies become the privilege of men who have lost bearing in the enterprise of politics.

How do I then summarize them?
I can conveniently say that they lie as if they don't know a thing. But they know. They only choose to ignore the truth I speak to them in a desperate bid to postpone the dooms day. But do lies postpone a doomsday? Evidently no. It can only buy one a measure of time.

Now they are on their lies again. Lies designed to hide the truth. Lies designed to maintain stranglehold on their few remaining supporters. While supporters of other aspirants are increasing by the day, their keep depleting. It’s then only commonsensical that they generate all manners of lie to keep the remnants under lock and key.

Only last week, they raised the bar of lies which have become their privileges and which they cuddle like they have reached cloud 7. Constituents of Udenu/ Igbo-Eze North Federal Constituency are being inundated with the lies that National Working Committee of PDP has given automatic ticket to all PDP members of the National Assembly.

The lie was so intense that a supporter of the aspirants to the House of Representatives told me that he was already concluding arrangements to leave the constituency and never step home till after 4 years. A sudden paroxysm of laughter gripped my mouth. Tried as I may to calm his fears, he was insistent that I may not have gotten it right this time around. I let him be.

This morning, a close confidant in the camp of our House of Representatives member called me with certain urgency in his voice. He told me plainly that the deed had been done and that their camp will cost home to victory as only one form will be sent down to Enugu for each constituency. He even told me that their principal is not consulting anybody anymore. I didn't want to puncture his joy bag. I only wished him good luck.

Lies create illusion in the hearts of artful dodgers. It warps their thinking and propels them a delusion. My confident is certainly drinking from the pool of illusion. I can only pity him. They will come here to claim that I speak audaciously as if I know anything. But I don't bother knowing a thing. But let them spare me this even if for a second.

DNA has no automatic ticket. PDP is not giving him one. Peoples’ power to reject a leadership that is not working has triumphed and no quantum of lies can change the will of the people to have someone who will represent them as representation demands.

Do I know a thing? No! But this one I know aligns with those other ones I knew for which they hailed KPOKPONGE KPOKPONGE as if reciting their catechism.

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