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Pervading all space around you is a force of vitality, enlivened and sustenance, vibrating continually. This force is universal; it is in and around all things. It is like the air in the room you are now, or outside the room but it is not the air. It is there, it uses oxygen as a vehicle to enter into the human body. Each time you breathe in, it flows into your being through the agency of oxygen to provide you sustenance. And every minute you must recharge yourself an average of 72 times. It enters independently into you at birth but before then for nine months, you live on your mother's share of the vital life force. Any minute it stops flowing into you, death is declared. So, in the hospital, one may be on oxygen and die, because the VLF has withdrawn from such entity.

The VLF is the spirit energy that animates anything. Everything you can see and imagine is alive or could be alive through the VLF. Even someone who is dead, if we call up the image through conjuration by which VLF is given, the essence shows up. So also can an "imagined being" be given VLF sustenance through conjuration and it will take up form in our world and function. The Catholics and our traditional religions do this often. When the Catholic stands before Virgin Mary statue concentrating at it something he or she is ignorant of, passes through the person into the statue. In fact, the Torah gave the fundamental ground for such possibilities in Genesis 2:7: here you must return to your lesson on God to make a practical understanding. We must understand the source of this VLF spirit energy.


That God breath into man the breath of life and man became a living soul is an immutable law. On the basis of this, man became a custodian of the living breath- the VLF, by which he/she can use also to animate other things as he or she so desires. This VLF is understood in different ways by different traditions. Our illuminati Brethrens used it as representing the divine substance having intelligence which accompanied the first thought of God projected into space for the manifestation of the universe. Christian spirituality points to this secret in John 1: 1-5, and the sacred angelic keys mentioned it as an incarnated word in the second key, while in the Igbo and Yoruba spirituality it appears in the incarnated Ofo tongue. In manifestation VLF is first noted in the action of Polarity in all things, especially in magnetism. VLF infuses this magnetic power into things making those things to express life in a special way. Thus the VLF electrifies a thing with a mysterious, creative, regenerating power through the air we breathe and also through the word we speak.



The VLF can be directed for use as breath or as speech. Whichever way, it must be accompanied by an image (remember Genesis 1:7). In directing the breath, we choose a purpose, for example healing. And decide to direct the breath in that specific part of the body with a healing image of a resolved or cured condition of a state of being. Therefore, you have to have an adequate image of the condition you want to give VLF to before you start. You must learn to build up the VLF first, by totally breathing out and then taking a deep breath and hold it not breathing out. Watch the time limit you can hold your breath. Try to see if you can start with 30seconds and build it up to 1minute. Now, each time that you take a very deep breath into your lungs, a wonderful process starts working at once. Within three seconds after the air is in the lungs, the blood begins to be vitalized, and the more air in the lungs, the longer you hold it, the more vitality that will be passed into your system. So, there are two ways of getting increased vitality into the body: one is taking plenty of air into the lungs and two, by holding that air in the lungs for a minute or longer.


When this energy has reached a maximum, it gradually slips out of the body in a radiation, just like heat radiates from hot iron, and gradually cools off. This radiation is electrical vibration. It escapes the body from strategic points. Very important is the first three fingers of the thumb, index finger, and the next finger of both hands. It also radiates from your navel areas. The three fingers on the right hand radiate a positive vibration, while the left hand radiates a negative vibration. So when you have vital energy build-up through deep breathing, the energy radiates into space from the ends of the three fingers of the hands.


For conditions in the body, you can transfer VLF thus:

1) For pains in the head, face, and neck, apply the tips of the fingers of the right hand to the neck just behind and beneath the left ear, on a line with the mouth.

2) For pains in the chest, arms and upper part of the back, apply the fingertips of the right hand to the back of the neck on the left side of the spine.

3) For pains in the abdomen, back, sides, or hips, apply the same fingertips on the left side of the spine, between the shoulder blades.

4) For pains in the limbs and feet, apply the same fingertips to a point on the left side of the spine at the centre of the back.

5) Turn your face away from any light. Close your eyes. Place the tip of the forefinger upon the right eyelid and tip of left forefinger upon left eyelid. Take a deep breath and hold it as long as possible. Then exhale slowly. This will produce a tonic effect on the eyes.

6) We can charge water also by holding a glass of water with these three fingers of both right and left hand while placing it around our navel. Take the deep breath as instructed with a word of prayer.



Psychic attacks are from fine and subtle vibrations that are at present not yet detectable by instruments until it becomes interpreted as an issue in human life. This vibration simply alters your vibration to the tune of the instruction of the sender or in accordance with the operating vibration, emanating from a source of power such as a Charm. However this vibration can be blocked by short circuiting your own vibration with an instruction to the subconscious. The tips of the forefingers and your toe radiate energy. They are also conduits which can absorb energy. They really radiate power when the body has been charge with VLF.

When that is done, place your right thumb in the centre of your left palm and your left thumb in centre of your left palm while the rest of the fingers are in touch with their opposites. Cross the toes of your feet if you are not wearing shoes or cross your feet if you are wearing shoes. Take in a deep breath and intone MARRRR while closing the eyes and visualizing a ring around you. Leave an instruction. The vowel sound doesn't need to be loud if you have practiced privately instructing the mind that at any time you intone the sound it must respond accordingly. In this way by only hissing the sound the mind obeys.


How do we recognize a psychic attack? I notice that most of the times, it manifests as normal ill feeling or feeling of sickness and it’s quite confusing either to go to hospital or perform a ritual. So how exactly should an attack from a charm be noticed? Yes that's how it comes. Then you quickly apply the banishing ritual and perform the VLF short circuiting to bounce off the ones that has entered and are discharging your vibration. An attack from a Charm will give that initial ill feelings or a jolt of sickness and disappear so that you cannot pin it. It has cycle. It will return when memory seems it has forgotten. It will gradually programme your subconscious to accept the instructions about you imbedded in the charm. And gradually you would start seeing the image of the program in the dream or even consistently seeing a particular scenario physically. The law in this regard says ".silence is acceptance".

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