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dreams and their interpretations

Dream can be defined as a train of experiences with a certain degree of coherence, but often confused and bizarre, taking place in the condition of sleep. Dream is possible because of the nature of man. Our mind has a conscious and subconscious state. These two states tend to behave as if they are apart but they are not. Dream actually happens in the subconscious mind.


The subconscious mind is a vehicle like the conscious mind but vehicle of subconscious helps use to assess bone physical realm.  In this way, the subconscious mind through dreams can help us assess things that are going to happen before they happen, it can through dreams instruct and direct, since it has access to the store of memory both our own and that of the cosmic mind.


It can act as a healing vehicle because the perfect prototype structure of the body is registered in the subconscious mind. Therefore it can impose its authority as a therapeutic agent. All these and more are what is tried to accomplish in dreams.


Every time you have any experience, the image and the charge of the encounter is registered in the subconscious. The image is symbolic representation of the experience and the charge is the emotions of the time of experience. It may be happiness or pain or indifference. To the mind this image is like an alphabet or numbers and not a static representation. Thus it can be used to represent so many other things that convey similar emotions.


Therefore in a dream, if the mind is to tell you about a coming experience, it will exhume some images that has similar charge. It may for example give you the image of yourself in your secondary school sitting for an exam whereas you left the school long ago or give you an image of you flying across an expanse. These are all images being given to you because of the similar charge with a certain occurrence that is about to happen or that is necessary to note. 

What we are emphasizing here is that the image of your dream is mostly supplied by you in your waking experience. But while this image has one to one meaning to your conscious mind, it does not have that with your subconscious. To your subconscious, it is only a symbolic image of experience. Based on this, it can be used to refer to other conditions of experience. For example someone dreamt where the electrical plug in a socket on the wall of his house is covered by ants or termites. He went for insecticide and woke up. The major sign is the ants or termites.


They are the only thing that are not where they should be. In interpretation, you will ask ; what about the ants or termites and electrical socket. How do they relate? They don't have direct relationships except as destructive agents. If they invade a socket, how would they cause the problem? It is by exposing the electrical connections to wrong interaction of current resulting to one accident or the other. The ants or termites are symbolic of occupants whom sometimes you do not know their choice of action. So they might even represent children playing or trying to plug in a socket. The message is, there is an impending electrical situation in the house that if care is not taken, shall portend a danger.


Thus, dream interpretation is like learning a new language. However the language has always been yours, except you have been a subconscious illiterate, and now you have to relearn it.

The situation or the environment or even regalia the dreamer found himself needs interpretation. This gives an indication of the context of the dream. For instance, to dream of being in a school would indicate a learning environment, and dreamer could then relate this to his present circumstances. Or assuming that you were attending a class or exam, you have pass long ago, it is indicative that a former experience is about to repeat itself.


The dreamer then focuses on how he or she felt or on which emotions he or she experienced, so that there is an understanding of the dream scenario. In other situations, the symbolisms of various images need to be deciphered. For instance, door opening or closed, or in trying to access a building, you heat your head on the door frame with pains. Here the symbol of the door is that of passage. In this sense, it refers to accessibility. And heating your head with a resultant pain can be interpreted as disappointment after altercation at the point of trying access something.

Dreams are means to the spiritual dimension. We can define spirituality as the knowledge that there is more to life than just the ordinary every day existence that most experience. Dreams help us to become accustomed to this dimension in an easy way. Sometimes we make a prayer request and the options are given to us in the dream, and wrong understanding of the dream process blocks the manifestation or cause the manifestation to dissipate. For instance, if you are to have a bad experience in anyway, spiritual law demands that you must be informed and if you so agree then it is allowed. And so you come by it in the dream. You will have three notices to that effect after which something happens. These may carry different images pointing to the same thing. In this case, you must show a sign of rejection to disallow it. Silence in this matter means acceptance.


Now it does not apply when it is for good indication. For instance, if one dreams where something good happened, the person must show an acceptance of that dream scenario to make it manifest. Silence in this situation amounts to rejection. For example, if one has a dream where a certain favour was given to him, you must show a sign of receipt to make it happen. In this regard, you must make a sacrifice upfront claiming that it is part of this favour you have taken to give out as gratitude. In the process, your action debits the spiritual realm and they have to respond according to the law of suction.


Dreams are also avenues to encounter spiritual beings ie entity of higher dimensions. You can encounter your relations on this dimension also. It affords those who have passed on to come in contact with you. In actuality they could have tried physically to assess your sense perception to no avail,  then they leave the impression in your mind which image is latter projected for you by the subconscious. Most dead people always want contact with their relatives especially if they are going through a period of trials. If you appreciate their presence you must show it by thanking them for the contact. In thanking them, try to speak as if the person is standing before you and that you will like him or her to appear often to keep the bond. Also as you advance in these studies, the masters of these mysteries would visit you also in the dream and introduce you to Celestial Forum, where so many revelations are made in a funny way.

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