Monday, 9 November 2020


Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
 Yes, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard, Kaylian Mbappe, Mohammed Sallah, Sadio Mane, etc are all idiots. Football fans are all morons. Have you ever thought about this before? Put on your thinking cap!!!


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Each time a football match is ongoing, we see 22 able-bodied men pursuing just one football. Is this not true? Now, let us examine what a football is. A football is just a round object made with a leather material. Have you ever cut a football open? When you do that, you discover, to your amazement, that nothing apart from air is inside it.


A healthy person do not need to by air to survive. Tell us what the minute magnitude of air inside a football can buy. So, it can be inferred that there is nothing inside a football.


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So, the questions are why should 22 able-bodied men be pursuing nothing for 90 minute and why should people pay huge amount of money, as tickets, to have access to stadiums to watch them? Let’s put it straight. Footballers are very foolish for running after nothing for 90 minutes and football fans are also foolish for paying heavily to watch people pursuing nothing.


Have you discovered that there is no football season that at least ten football fan in Nigeria are not killed inside various viewing center over fights orchestrated by football arguments? Hahahahaha!!!! Foolish people dying foolish deaths.


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People spend all their lives pursuing nothing, but illusions!!! Away from football, imaging how our politicians are stealing our common wealth foolishly and brainlessly. It was revealed that they all have billions of dollars in their account in foreign countries so that their generation will not smell poverty again. Is this not a perfect example of pursuing illusion?


Illusions everywhere!!! Many promising young men are in jail right now for raping ladies and under-aged girls. Let’s start asking fundamental questions here. What is in the private part of a woman that will necessitate forceful intercourse? A pussy smells terribly. Is it not an illusion to run after what stinks? Folks, what do you think?

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