Monday, 31 August 2015


During selection of brand ambassadors, brand managers say that the public perception of the person, the air of respect he or she commands, as well as his or her ability to communicate effectively are some of the attributes considered when searching for individuals who are fit for the role.

Aspiring brand ambassadors can improve their chances of being selected through personal branding. Personal branding is the process of creating a powerful and well-defined positive idea about an individual that would come to mind whenever any person thinks of that particular individual.

In order to improve on this, the tangible and intangible characteristics of the person have to be managed through personal branding and image building. The tangibles for personal brands include the person himself, his characteristics, experiences, qualification and remuneration while the clients’ experience with the brand forms the intangible features.

Using the internet as a tool, these are some methods that have proved to be effective in making your brand to be constantly in demand:

Create your own website
Every professional has a lot to gain from having a personal website. The website will contain a profile of the person and will aid having a strong presence on the Internet. A personal website is one of the secret weapons to personal branding success. It is the starting point of the whole process. It’s your own space on the web. If you haven’t secured your space on the web, you are really making a huge career mistake. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to do this, once you have the basic computer knowledge, you are good to go. Tectono Business Review suggests you use your names as your domain name.

Use your domain email otherwise known as webmail
A domain name branded with the professionals’ name is more capable of drawing people’s attention than the regular ones like ‘’ or ‘’ Every expert with a niche should articulate all the features that make up his or her personal brand. The process is not as hard as you think; you just haven’t taken the time to find out. Once you have domain name, you are automatically given a domain mail server. All you need to do is to connect your outlook application to the mail server. On the other way round, if you want to access your domain emails with Gmail, which is also possible, there is a service you can use called Google Apps.

Become an authority
People who tend to limit themselves to networking at industry events in order to become an authority in a field will not achieve much. The best way is to write useful content in the area of expertise consistently and sharing the information with people. You become an authority by narrowing your niche to a particular audience and creating useful content in that niche for over a long period of time.

One other way is to engage influencers on social media platforms through sharing of posts and contributing to group discussions. The secret used here is by mentioning influencers on post and after the post is published, you reach out to them to share the content. It’s a good way to build connection in your niche. Let’s give some examples. Would you rather hire a wedding photographer or an ordinary photographer to cover a wedding event? A wedding photographer should be better. Why? Because you felt that the wedding photographer is more of an expert in that field.

Build your e-mail database
The contact detail of people who may need your services or refer you to other people is a treasure that should be kept safe. Moreover, building a mailing list is one of the most important and most neglected aspects of personal branding. The social media cannot achieve what a mailing list would because the social media account can easily be manipulated.

Your email list and personal website are the things you own. They are your real estate. Your list can definitely help you secure another job, if you ever get laid off. How can you so this? Just send out newsletters to your list informing them you are available for a new opportunity. They already perceive you as an expert, so they can’t wait to grab you. To get a very good e-mail database that you can use to draw customers, click on the link below:

Use social media platforms
Tectono Business Review recommends the use of social media to connect to influencers in your area of expertise. On these platforms, proving to be knowledgeable about relevant issues, keeping an updated profile and collaborating with others in executing tasks is essential. Social media can never be ruled off as a personal branding tool. You have to keep your updated profile on the major social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These social sites would drive the basic traffic to your website. Tectono Business Review’s recommendation is LinkedIn. Give yourself a goal to add at least 20 thought leaders in your community each day. Once added, make contact with them. Do not sell to them, but simply ask them what you can do for them.