Saturday, 15 August 2015


Peter Folikwe, CEO, Berger Paints Nigeria Plc
In a chat with Tectono Business Review on his strategy to accelerate his company, the Chief Executive Officer of Berger Paints Nigeria Plc, Mr. Peter Folikwe, stated that it had been a bit difficult but the company aimed to become operationally efficient in the management of its operations to cope with the demands of the moment.

In his own words: “The company is also looking into doing a lot of marketing and better presentation of products and value delivery to the consumers. It is setting up a new plant, state of the art machine, first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa that would ensure better value delivery in terms of meeting customer expectations, research development, product development and new ideas in the industry.”

He also spoke on another reason why he is on board. He said: “Having fixed the back end of a business, there is a need to fix the front-end because when you generate capacity, you need to dissipate that energy through the pipes into the market place. This is the right time to invest. The company’s performance in the last six months compared with the last one year has grown top line by about 30% and equally on profit, the company has grown by about 28%. The business is forward looking and as the management team are in full force to get the business running, Investors should expect running for the shares of the company.