Sunday, 27 November 2016


You are welcome to this week’s edition of Marriage Management Matters (3M) on Tectono Business Review. 3M, with the continuous support of the management of Tectono Business Review, has for the past two months dutifully dished out messages, words and pastoral solutions to strengthen marriages. We are pleased to report that some individuals have sent their words of encouragement, support and recommendations for the works we have been doing. This has helped the crew of 3M to continue to research into threatening issues in marriages and fostering pastoral analysis that will help in rebuilding unions suffering for unity of God’s purpose.

Today, let us consider how much time each couple has invested in reshaping, restructuring and reenergizing their love like the old time that they got married newly. Mark 6:31 says: “There were so many people coming and going that Jesus and his disciples did not even have time to eat. So, he said to them. Let us go off by ourselves to some place where we will be alone and you can rest for a while.”

The above bible verse is very helpful to us in reminding some of our busy couples due to responsibilities in home front, office engagements, family matters, society challenges and other issues that we cannot recount as each day goes by the importance of being alone together at least once in a month.

Couples should make out time to go to quite and lonely places for them to recreate their family visions, enter into better understanding of how lives have been and map out strategies to achieve God’s will concerning their marriages.

Friends, with God, all things are possible. Plan to reshape your marriage according to God’s will today and God will put a new jar of oil in your union. Stay blessed as we look forward to meeting you next week.

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