Monday, 7 November 2016


Chief Eric Umeofia
Chief Eric Umeofia is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Erisco Foods Limited, a tomato manufacturing company that recently shut down operations in Nigeria. He is known for publishing write-ups about his company on The Guardian Newspaper. This is how he normally ends his articles:

Chief Eric Umeofia
Ikuku-Oma of Amichi
The Tomato King
The Sun Newspaper Manufacturer of the Year 2015
Zik Price Award Winner in Business Leadership
Pillar of Education (Amichi)
The Igwe of Tomato
The Industrial Field Marshal

Hmmmmmmmm!!! We, at Tectono Business Review, could not control laughter the first time we saw this. Must Chief Umeofia write down all his titles and awards in every article he publishes on the pages of newspaper?

The founder of Facebook and sixth richest man in the world introduces himself as simply Mark. He has never called himself the King of Internet or the Igwe of Facebook. This is just the quest of a typical Nigerian to show off at the slightest opportunity.