Friday 29 June 2018


Prince Dr. Emeka Mamah
By Bulus Nnamdi Ndu
It takes a historian of Andrew Marr's bent to remind us that amid so much bold assertions, it is worth saying that history amount to the fragments that survive from vaster buried events. Moreover, to the extent that history allows, the gains in looking back is that, looking back make us better at looking about us.

2015; though cast off as history, identifiables in the political events of that year are the outlines of electoral irregularities in the election into the Federal House Of Representatives for whom the major contestants were Hon. Dennis Nnamdi Agbo of the PDP and Prince (Dr) Emeka Mama of the APGA. Like the annulled June 12 presidential election, both elections are, in part, linked by a common thread that serves as a background condition for every other stolen mandate in our journey through electoral democracy: We lost an important opportunity to redefine politics. In the end, there was a Winner and a Looser; but the grand irony was that the Looser in the eyes of the masses was in a sense the Winner, and the Winner in actual sense was the Looser. I think I know why Prince Dr. Emeka Mama lost the election and here is why:

In almost every electoral democracies, especially in incipient democracies, politics is always under the thumps of political bosses; the state is as described by the sociologist, max webber is "patrimonial"; the polity is considered a type of personal property of the ruler(in this case the governor), and state administration is essentially an extension of the ruler's household (the stakeholders). In essence, Prince Dr. Emeka mamah lost as a representative of a path taken by an overwhelming majority that doesn't count; and Hon. Dennis Agbo won for having responded to a political structure that favour loyalty over goodwill. The choice of Dennis was not so much made based on a realistic analysis of the future, but by a simple attempt to please and protect a certain vested interest of perhaps, the ruler.

The year 2019 is fast racing up, and without thinking too hard, as an Assistant to an Ambassador, I can readily tell the scent of power; power is like a sweet taste of sugared tea in the mouth -the satisfying smack of rum on the lips -the joy of marrying a childhood sweetheart. And I don't expect Hon.Dennis Agbo to let go of these pleasures, but a question that should inspire other competing questions is: Does he deserves a second term?

Politics in much of the world can be a positive-sum game, with the elect and electors gaining, but as it is in the case of Dennis -and in my case as an Obollo man where he has not shown a visible presence, he is for us an experimenter; an acceptance that no choice is better than a bad choice for a bad choice offers you choice to make other choices. Testimonies are abound of his stellar performance, but for me he has not been a star performer and has not been the best of choice. But in the event where the political landlords decide to retain or impose on us a new choice, what do we expect from either a new Dennis or a new choice?

We expect a new choice that has the sensitivity of human feeling of a fellow man; a new choice with a broader sense of moral self-cultivation. At its greatest extent, in considering a new choice, there should be two axes of importance to look at -a horizontal axis defining the scope of legislative functions, and a vertical axis x-raying the capacity and competence of such individual to hold public office. If a possible new choice lacks the gravitas, the political will and skills needed to connect these "axes", then replacing incompetence with more incompetency buys you nothing.

God bless Enugu State

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