Wednesday, 24 March 2021


We got this e-mail from a company called Belvic Industry ( on Wed, Mar 24 at 11:48 PM. Obviously, it came from an internet fraudster. Below is the body of e-mail.
I got your mail through my personal search on the Internet to locate a Nigerian who will assist us to make a business inquiry in Nigeria.
I am Rev. John White the project director of Belvic Industrial Co, UK based in Gabon Tel: +24107573670 and We want to come to Nigeria in search of raw material named Opal but we have not been to Nigeria for the first time and we were advised that we should look for a local Representative or Agent who will assist us to make inquiry of the product before we start coming into Nigeria to avoid falling into a wrong hand, then when we placed our advert on internet, we got reply from Lome Togo that Nigeria is highly blessed with mineral resources, that there is a dealer of the raw material in Nigeria.
They said that the name of the company (Co-operative mining Nig Ltd) that deal with the product in Nigeria is called Engr Daniel Odoh  with Tel: 08027193273.We would like you to call the Engr on behalf of my company to know if they have the raw material OPAL and if the inquiry is true place order of 1,000 units for us, ascertain the price they sell in your country and try to know their location so that if the inquiry is through we can then discuss your commission and how we are going to come into Nigeria through your direction.
Please we formally buy this product from Liberia at the rate of $1600 USD per unit try to ask them the price in dollar and don't let them know that you have Foreign interest to avoid price inflation. Try to call or email us when you are through.
Yours Faithfully,
Rev. JOHN WHITE (Project Director)
Phone: +24107573670

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