Monday, 29 March 2021


Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka
The Executive Chairman of Tectono Ventures Limited,
Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka, shared how a Yoruba lady tried to use a testimony of an internet fraudster, otherwise known as yahoo boy, to lure him to the Celestial Church of Christ. This is unheard of. Fraudsters have started giving thanks, testifying to the goodness of God in their lives and paying tithes in the church and the church leaders are not oblivious of their sources of income.
According to the Tectono boss, he was purchasing household item when he met a white garment lady. “There is a certain young beautiful Yoruba lady whose mum runs a supermarket very close to where I live. That’s the place I have always bought household items in bulk. On a certain Saturday, I was there to purchase a roll of toilet tissue and I saw the lady on a white garment. Obviously, she was coming from a church program. As soon as our eyes met, she smiled and greeted my respectfully and I asked her if she was a member of Cherubim and Seraphim. She told me that she was a member of the Celestial Church of Christ. She did not even wait for me to pay for what I picked when she started the process of winning my soul,” Chief Nnaemeka said.
It was while the short preaching was going on that the world-class publisher got the shock of his life. According to him, “The lady told me that all my problems would be solved once I step my feet in their church. When she noticed that I was not interested in what she was saying, she shared with me a testimony of a yahoo boy who had been praying and fasting for the past two weeks in the church because all his clients stopped responding to him. According to her, the yahoo boy’s client started responding to him the previous day. I was absolutely shocked. I could not utter a word for some minutes and when I did I politely told her that I was not interested in her church and I left.”
Hmmmm!!!!!! The fraudulent business of a yahoo boy went bad, he went to church to spend excess of two weeks praying and fasting for his business to improve. Leaders of the church prayed for him for unsuspecting public to fall victims to him. The prayer worked and he gave a testimony. Folks, what are the churches turning into? Breeding grounds for fraudsters? Folks, what is your take on this? Let’s discuss.

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