Tuesday, 23 March 2021


Yes, you are a totally a disgrace to priesthood. Anybody who comes close to you will always notice you are an absolute disaster to the body of Christ. You preach against fornication, adultery, stealing, wickedness, backbiting, nursing grudges against people etc virtually on a daily basis. It is no longer news that you are neck-deep in all those sins you always preach against. Who do you think you are deceiving? You are a blatant incorrigible philanderer!!! How come your girlfriend knew where everything was being kept in your bedroom? People close to you have confirmed that you often sent her on errand to your bedroom to get you somethings and from the questions she always asked you, she even knew where your underpants were kept.
In addition to committing fornication, you spent church money on your girlfriend for her to continue to open her legs for you. Apart from the church money you dashed her almost every day, each time she came to decorate the church hall or the church for less than two hours, you paid her at least N20,000. This was the same amount of money you paid married people with children that worked under you in the church. Chaaaiiii!!!!!!! This sex maniac, do you have conscience? An amount of money you paid a certain cheap single lady for doing a decoration for less than two hours is equal to the amount of money that married people who worked under you got for coming to work for a month and you call yourself a priest. How reasonable are you? You are a very wicked and callous human being.
You are a very irresponsible man. Did the church money belong to you? You were busy plundering the commonwealth of the church whereas people you employed to work in the church were living from hand to mouth. There were a lot of church members that needed financial assistance, but you did not care. You only remembered them in prayers, but you were busy inviting your girlfriend to have lavish lunch with you in the parish house. Wait a minute. If anyone should have a lunch with you, he or she should be one of those people under your employment that labour in the church every day, not a certain call girl. You treated your workers like destitute and you thought that God was not watching you. You are an absolute disgrace to priesthood.
According to you, you studied for your PhD in a certain university abroad. Right? If we may ask, have you ever gone beyond Yoruba land? Your inhumane attitude and antiquated Yoruba mentality shows that you have never lived outside Yoruba land. The university that awarded you such a degree must be seriously questioned. Imagine a PhD holder who is devoid of any iota of administrative skill. See, if you successfully defend a masters degree in any federal university in Nigeria, we will sell off our shared in Tectono Ventures Limited and drop our biros. Yes, we will stop online publishing and advertising business. Oloriburuku!!! Oloshi!!!
Hahahahaha!!!! We gathered that you are being prepared to take over the administration of a certain institution. As Nigerians would always say, wonders shall never end. Is it not the same person who cannot manage few people under him that is planning to manage an institution? Let us state it clearly that the institution is on the verge of collapse. He will definitely run it aground. We know him very well. There is no iota of human relationship skill in him, especially when he is relating with people under his employment. We are beginning to imagine what will happen to the workers of that institution.  
Can you come out and tell the public the real reason why one of your workers, all of a sudden, disappeared into the thin air till today? Folks, if the run-away worker opens up his mouth, the public will be shocked. Your lifestyle has convinced people that there is no divine call to priesthood. Rather, it is just a profession like any other profession.  

No name of person, place or institution is mentioned in this piece and it is not targeted at anybody.

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